Kale Chips Recipe


Recipe for Kale Chips

I have no reason to dislike kale, but it’s one of those vegetables that I don’t usually buy. It probably has everything to do with location. At the grocery store down the street where do most of my shopping, the kale-in-a-bag sits perkily next to collard greens in-a-bag which sits next to the fresh cut fruit in-a-bowl. And that’s the section that I avoid.

Kale Chips Recipe

Fruit is not that hard to cut and I just can’t get myself to pay an extra $2.00 a pound for someone to cut fruit into big chunks, package them in a cheap plastic container and then suffocated with plastic wrap. I’m a hypocrite because I happily buy green beans in a bag, asparagus on a styrofoam tray, chicken in a vacuum bag and orange juice in a box. Just not fresh fruit.

Kale Chips Recipe

When I was in New York last week, my friend Grace asked me if I had ever tried crispy kale chips. At first I thought it was one of those fancy health food products, made with gourmet ingredients like tricalcium phospate, hydrogenated soybean oil and ascorbic acid. But no, Grace said, just kale, olive oil and salt. So, I had to try and now I’m hooked. The kale leaves bake to a shatteringly crisp, crackly snack. They really shouldn’t be called chips, they look nothing like them, but when I called them chips, the kids came running to try.

Oh, and for the record, I’m totally okay with buying kale in-a-bag, I just give the fruit in-a-bowl the evil eye as I walk by.


How to make Kale Chips

Start with a big bag of kale.

Kale Chips Recipe

And the most important step is to spin dry the leaves.

Kale Chips Recipe - drying

Then drizzle in some olive oil

Kale Chips Recipe - olive oil

Toss to coat. Here’s another secret – do not salt the kale just yet. Adding salt before it goes into the oven is just bad, soggy news. The salt will make the kale leaves leach out some water, which in turn will make them soggy in the oven. And that mans soggy kale, not crispy kale.

Kale Chips Recipe - toss

After tossing with olive oil, bake in the oven until the leaves are shatteringly crisp but still bright green. Timing depends on how much olive oil you use. Then season with salt.

Kale Chips Recipe

And then you call it “Kale Chips” see if your kids will eat it.

Kale Chips Recipe eat


Kale Chips Recipe


Kale Chips Recipe

Servings: 4 as snack Prep Time: 5 Cook Time: 20

The biggest secret to getting the kale super-crisp is to dry them in a salad spinner. If there is moisture on the leaves, the kale will steam, not crisp. Also, do not salt the kale until after they have come out of the oven. If you salt beforehand, the salt will just cause the kale to release moisture...thus steaming instead of crisping. I've also found that the convection setting on my oven works really well too - I set the convection on 325F and bake for about 10-15 minutes. Have fun with this recipe, I sometimes mix the salt with Cajun or Creole seasoning.


4 giant handfuls of kale, torn into bite-sized pieces and tough stems removed (about 1/3 pound)
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
sea salt or kosher salt


1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

2. Place the kale leaves into a salad spinner and spin all of the water out of the kale. Dump the water and repeat one or two times more just to make sure that the kale is extra dizzy and dry. Use a towel to blot any extra water on the leaves. Place the kale on the baking sheet.

3. Drizzle olive oil over the kale leaves and use your hands to toss and coat the leaves. Bake in the oven for 12-20 minutes until leaves are crisp. Take a peek at the 12 minute mark - the timing all depends on how much olive oil you use. Just use a spatula or tongs to touch the leaves, if they are paper-thin crackly, the kale is done. If the leaves are still a bit soft, leave them in for another 2 minutes. Do not let the leaves turn brown (they'll be burnt and bitter) Remove from oven, sprinkle with salt and serve.

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  2. Stacy

    hey, i just discovered your site. cool. great pics of kale. so…i eat kale chips about twice a week {just started growing my own kale…yay!}…and i’ve tried every way there is to make them. your recipe is good…but i’m not getting your comment about salt & soggy chips? just offering another option….i think the trick is {and this is actually jacques pepin’s trick} putting the chips on racks on a tray. then i bake them at 250 for about 20 minutes. i rinse but have never had to use a spinner or more paper towels for blotting. just olive oil & salt & put in oven. =)

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  6. Jaclyn

    This recipe was amazing!! When I started looking for kale recipes, I didn’t really think my kids would like anything that involved the veggie! They couldn’t get enough of this one!!!! And my youngest is a picky eater!! I ended up making two batches because everyone ate the first in about 15 mins! lol LOVE THIS RECIPE!!

  7. Pual

    We have been a vegan family for about 48 hours. Just made these kale chips and my 6 year-old was fighting my 4 year-old for them. They were gone in 2 minutes. They like these more than popcorn and so do I! Great recipe!

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  12. grace only

    i heard about the kale chips, but didn’t hear how to make them. i had just bought coconut oil for the first time and was going crazy with it, so i fried the kale in the coconut oil. fantastic! just have to be careful to not over cook.

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  18. M

    I tried a kale chip recipe and it was very bitter. The bag looks just like the bag in this photo. Is there a way to pick milder ones? None of my four kids would eat more than one…frankly, I didn’t want to either. I was hoping for a veggie alternative to chips but I’m not sure if I did something wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  21. Sarah

    Hi, this looks fun. I bought some kale especially. I’m just wondering, how long do the chips stay fresh and crisp for can you make them a day in advance for example?

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  24. tallcapp

    I can’t believe how good these chips were. I just traded up from my potato chip addiction to these. On my way out to the store now to buy more kale.
    Thanks for tip about drying the kale very well before baking.

  25. Dar

    Kale is easy to grow and will grow year round. Up to zone 8 will grow uncovered all winter. Grow in gardens, flower beds, or just pots for year round crop. Have so much kale now am looking for new recipes. Have dehydrated kale successfully. We use a lot in salads finely chopped.

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  27. Pen

    I’m going to have to try this. I just got some Kale in my community garden basket and had no idea what to do with it. Look forward to trying it

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  30. Sandy

    thank you so much! i made this today for my mom and younger brother and they were all over it! such a great way to eat your leafy greens without the leafy green feeling :) super easy too because i tend to mess up most recipes.

    i used fresh kale from farmers market instead of bagged kale, so yummy!

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  33. Jeannie

    WOW! I am so excited to try this recipe! Thanks to much for the great tips! I have tried making them before, and salted ahead of time and they did not turn out to great! You Rock!

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  36. lily's mama

    Last summer we had a garden in the back of our inner-city church. The goodies were there for any and all to enjoy. Each Wed. we had neighborhood kids in for a gardening class. Every week we had them fix veggie treats from the garden. They always proclaimed they didn’t eat anything green, but somehow, when making things themselves, everything always disappeared and they wanted more. Baked kale was met with many faces and groans. Once out of the oven, they couldn’t eat it fast enough, and every week thereafter, they begged for another kale bake!!

  37. Stargazer

    My one complaint is that the kale shatters all over the place when you bite into them. All over the floor, all over the counter, etc. Also some recipes say you can use them in place of potato chips for dip. I find this impossible, as they completely shatter if you try to dip them.

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  40. soulivin

    Try pureeing red pepper olive oil lemon n nutritional yeast to a paste n coat in this before dehytdrating. You will not need a “sop’s at all then. :)

  41. Moon

    Just put some kale in the oven to make chips. I was looking for how long to leave them in when I found your site! (didn’t completely dry and salted before I put them in! Oops!) I tossed them with mojo de ajo instead of plain olive oil and sprinkled grated parmesan cheese on top. I hope they come out okay. I’m trying to eat healthier and I’m dying for crunchy potato chips right now!

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