Strawberry Almond Cream Tart

Strawberry Almond Cream Tart

When my grocery store starts selling cartons of strawberries 10 for $10, you know there’s a problem. Normally, when I spy bargain basement pricing on strawberries, I’m expecting sad, lifeless fruit just on the cusp of being declared rotten and dumped.

But this is not the case, and by now I’m sure you’ve all seen the fat, perky jewels begging to be eaten whole with perhaps a swipe of fresh whipped cream of creme fraiche. Pricing this low can only mean one thing, that there’s a glut in the marketplace. While we consumers can rejoice, strawberry farmers are dealing with taking a deep loss on their crop, to the point of some farmers destroying their harvest because they can’t afford to bring the fruit to market.

It’s a sad story all around, but I’ll do the best I can to consume as much as I can. Read the rest and get the recipe for Cooking Light’s Strawberry Almond Cream Tart on Steamy Kitchen on Discovery/TLC.

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  1. Katie @ goodLife {eats}

    This is the first I’ve heard of that. I can’t even imagine how devastating that would be! I have had huge site issues last night with a total failure on the end of the comp I purchased the domain name through. The site is still down and Ive lost all comments on my blog since 10/05/09 and that hurts. Thanks for putting it into perspective for me! Can I have one of those tarts for breakfast? I think I’ve earned one!

  2. Jan

    I heard that the California strawberry crop and the Florida strawberry crop ripened at the same time, due to the crazy and uncharacteristically cold weather Florida had a few months ago. In a normal year the crops ripen at different times ensuring a steady berry supply and higher prices to the farmers. I’m live in the Florida strawberry area, but I am at this moment vacationing in California so I have been eating strawberries literally from coast-to-coast. I feel for the farmers. Farming is a tough job in the best of times. Hug a farmer today and tell him/her your appreciate all the hard work.

  3. Diana

    Wowser Katie, you’ve totally earned a tart. I was reading about this because I noticed the crazy cheap prices with berries that were actually pretty good. Poor farmers, Jaden that tart is gorgeous!

  4. Alta

    I heard about that crisis! It’s terrible – they should send all the “destroyed” ones my way, I’ll make jam! LOL This sounds amazing, your tart!

  5. Charm

    The strawberry crisis is terrible. I live in a farming community (cotton to be specific) so I know how rough it can be when farmers don’t do well. The rest of the town won’t do well either. =( As for your tarts….they look divine…and absolutely THE DEVIL for this pregnant lady! ;-P Now I can add this to my cravings list. Thanks a lot Jaden!

  6. bunkycooks

    I saw all the deals on strawberries last week and bought some myself. As you mentioned, I wondered if they were past their prime, although most of the packages seemed fine. I was not aware of the situation for the farmers. That really is a crisis.

    I am glad that you were able to make such beautiful tarts from your purchase! There is always something positive that can from a bad situation.

  7. Brian Asis

    I guess that the economists way of viewing it. But it’s still a deal πŸ˜€ Great tarts

  8. roxan

    What a great deal on the strawberries!

    Those tarts are gorgeous. I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting some mini tart pans but after seeing this entry I think I will finally get some. Hopefully mine will look at least close to as good as yours!

  9. justgloria

    Topping Ingredient list calls for 1/3 cup sugar, but directions mention 2/3 cup sugar… which is correct?
    can’t wait to try!

  10. Judy

    Very much agree with everyones comment. I am here in Plant City, Fl. and I have seen fields and fields of strawberry plants intentionally destroyed due to the freeze here. The farmers have to make way for the other crops that need to be planted. We still have some strawberries in the fields, been making strawberry shortcake, strawberry glaze pies, strawberry pretzel dessert, strawberry freezer jam today and will also make the strawberry almond cream tart. Home town is Michigan and will be looking forward to more strawberries in June. Love them Strawberries.

  11. Lyndsey

    I know I couldn’t resist buying them for $1 box too. It’s nice getting more recipes to use these luscious berries in! Beautiful tarts, and of course perfect photos! Excuse me, now I need to run out to Publix to get more! :d

  12. Fran

    Wow, how interesting. I bought a box of strawberries this afternoon, but hesitated before I put them in my cart. All the berries I’ve purchases have been totally without flavor and the only thing I’ve found that has made them worth eating is copious amounts of sugar which I loathe doing to fresh berries.

    The 2 pint box was $2.50 and it smells like strawberries so I thought it would be worth trying again. I live in one of the most costly food baskets in the nation and that’s clearly stated in the price compared to what others are saying they pay. Nothing I can do about that other than move.

    I’ll have some strawberries for breakfast and if they’re good I’ll probably pick up a few more boxes and put up some strawberry preserves. I might have to make a tart too. Yours looks scrumptious!

  13. Brenda

    I don’t get fresh berries ’til the 4th of July or so since only buy local ones fresh and that’s around the time our season’s starting. Usually pick sparkles–no shelf life, but oh so yummy! Matter of fact, don’t pick much more than 3 quarts at a time to be sure they’re still good when thrown in the freezer.

  14. Lisa Shen

    Wow, I feel horrible for those farmers now πŸ™

    I’m going to try this recipe, I got some tart pans for Christmas and this will be my first time to use them!

  15. Anna

    Was on a strawberry shoot last week and have a pile of loot to use up. Was all set to make jam but I think I may have to throw these little beauties into the mix too!

  16. rita

    that’s so sad and a shame about the farmers situation in the states. i hope something could be done to help them out.

    on the hindsight… those tart reeeeally look so good! too bad, can’t have the mandeln. dang, allergies!

  17. Soma

    It is sad indeed. we have been consuming berries in fistfuls. Very beautiful tart Jaden, & how I love the almonds in there.

  18. Maria

    Sad they are destroying precious strawberries. Glad you were able to make this gorgeous tart. Looks like the perfect dessert to me!

  19. Kiran

    Poor farmers. We all should shop more in the Farmer’s Market to at least help our local farmers in these bad times.

    The tart looks scrumptious and mouth-watering πŸ™‚

  20. Olive

    that’s a really sad story……
    btw, your tart is beautiful.. I love strawberry tart, I have to try it with almonds next time. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  21. French Cooking for Dummies

    Same thing is happening over here. I didn’t understand why strawberries were so cheap everywhere this year. In my local market, they’re selling 3 cartons for 2 euros… never seen that happen before. You’re totally right, best thing we can do is eat as much strawberries as we can πŸ˜‰
    These tarts are begging me to bake them right now!!!

  22. Tiffany

    I would have bought them and chopped them in my cuisineart and stored them in the freezer to make smoothies, strawberry saues or glazes. That what I do when spinach is a about to go bad, cook it and freeze it for my eggs and casseroles.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  23. The Teacher Cooks

    Thanks for sharing the information about the strawberry farmers. I was wondering why the berries were so cheap. I love the tarts. I saw the recipe but have not had the time to make. I will definately have to after your beautiful pictures have inspired me.

  24. DessertForTwo

    So I have a technical question for you. So you work for TLC but you posted a Cooking Light recipe. Do you work for both? Or did you just adapt your recipe from Cooking Light? I’m just curious about copyrights and all that kinda stuff. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. SteamyKitchen

      Hey there! I work for myself…and I write freelance for TLC. I can cook anything I want, write about anything I want…. and sometimes get inspiration from other cookbooks – this recipe happened to come from Cooking Light.

  25. Amanda

    Such a beautiful dessert!!
    But sadly, it is autumn here in South Oz and the strawberries lack flavour. I guess I will have to remember this one at the end of the year!

  26. Ciaochowlinda

    What a perfectly gorgeous tart. The local strawberries here are not ready yet, but when they are, this tart will be on my list to things to make.

  27. sherri in nc

    Awsome recipe. My two favorite flavors, almond and strawberries. I can’t wait to try this. I still have a couple of weeks before they come in here, but SOON!!!!!!

  28. Cookin Canuck

    As consumer, we are always looking for great deals, but rarely take the time to think about the reasons for the bargain-basement prices. Thanks for the reminder that there are real farmers, trying to make a living, behind our supermarket boon. Nonetheless, this tart is gorgeous and I am very willing to gobble up extra strawberries.

  29. Kimberly @

    Jaden, if only you can be packaged and ordered. That way when I have dinner parties I can just open a can of “steamy kitchen” and you can cook your amazing food and all my guests will think I did it. πŸ˜‰ That tart is beautiful!

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