Healthy Asian Favorites Excerpt and Book Launch Party


It’s our family tradition to start every party with food….LOTS OF FOOD. Well, this party is no different! My brand new book, Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites, launches tomorrow across bookstores everywhere! Friends online are helping me celebrate all week by cooking a recipe from the book. I hope you have a chance this week to head over to each of …


Presenting…..the TRAILER!

family shot for Healthy Asian Favorites Cookbook

When did cookbooks start involving video trailers like movies?! Isn’t that just nuts? Well, now I have my very own trailer, courtesy of our extended “family” – Todd and Diane of White On Rice Couple. They spent a couple of days with us, filmed us cooking, eating, playing and talking about the book, Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites. The book …


Give the Gift of Steamy Kitchen for the Holidays


Get your holiday shopping done early! If you’d like to give someone special a Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites cookbook for the holidays, click the link to pre-order one! Then you can click on these postcards and print them out as IOUs.  As soon as the cookbooks are published, it will be sent directly to your friend on February 5, 2013! …


Hot off the presses! Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites

SK Cookbook Book Tour - YouTube.jpg

The book! It’s here! Well, one of the very first copies that was rush-shipped to the publisher for us to look at. After nearly 2 years of working on Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites, I’m so thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the book. I wrote this book to highlight how amazingly light and healthy Asian food can …


Call for Cookbook Testers!


Wow. After a year of developing recipes, testing, writing, styling and photographing, we’re ready for recipe testing! A couple of years ago, when I asked for help from readers to test recipes from my first book, I think close to 175 people responded enthusiastically and participated — just simply amazing! This time, instead of 175 testers, I think we’ll go …


Cookbook Shoot


My head is still spinning from the past few days – we just finished a whirlwind session of photography for my next book (another easy Asian cookbook). This time, instead of doing it all by myself, I enlisted the help of Todd, Diane and Jenna to protect my sanity. Originally, I had planned on having T&D style and shoot the book …


Behind the Scenes at CBS Early Show


As proficient as I am in the kitchen and navigating online, you’d be surprised how inept I am at operating an alarm clock. It doesn’t even matter if the clock is a regular bedside alarm/radio contraption, on my computer or on my phone. I even have trouble with setting up hotel wake-up calls. I always screw it up. So, last …


Cookin’ on CBS Early Show Friday

Just a short, sweet note — I’m currently in NYC and will be cooking on the CBS Early Show Friday December 4th during the end of the 8am hour. If you’re at home sick or playin’ hooky that day, tune in! I’m making Lamb Chops with Asian Pesto and Miso Mashed Potatoes from The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook. For this trip, …


Here’s to good friends

I never thought that I’d miss washing dishes in my kitchen…but after 12 days on the road, not only did I long for my own dish sponge (we all have personal relationships with our favorite dish sponge brand, right!? RIGHT!????) but I also missed my beloved rice cooker. Of course I missed my children dearly…so much that we’re not gonna …


San Francisco Book Signing & Events

I’m currently in San Francisco (yay!) and this afternoon, I’ll be cooking live on View From the Bay which is also streamed live online. It’s on at 3-4pm and I think the cooking segment is on towards the end of the hour. *** Then tonight I’ll be at Omnivore Books from 6pm-7pm with a quick talk, booksigning and jackpot giveaway …


Behind the scenes

It’s hard to capture the moments on my camera sometimes when I’m smack dab in the middle of the action. Outside of my little food world in my kitchen, there’s no “pause” button or “do-over” button in life while I fumble with my camera. By the time I whip out the camera, turn it on, adjust, focus and click, The …

Giving Away 5 Steamy Kitchen Cookbooks!

Such a tacky image….but I really do suck at Photoshop. My image was supposed to convey that TLC is giving away one Steamy Kitchen cookbook every day of the week — you can enter every day! I’ve also posted one of my favorite recipes from the book, Sweet and Sour Lychee Meatballs. To enter the contest, all you have to …