Date Night a.k.a. $120 dinner + $50 babysitter

Before we had children, my husband and I used to eat out at least 3 times a week. Our evenings wouldn’t even start until 8pm, and it wouldn’t be uncommon for us to have reservations at 10pm. We’d easily spend $300 in an evening for just the two of us. This was downtown San Francisco during its dot-com boom, after …

Unexpected Luxury

Despite all the fancy-schmancy chopping and twirling that I do, my husband and my favorite summertime dinner is a loaf of french baguette with a hunk of German Cambazola cheese and creamy, dreamy Danish Butter. Yes, I know its spring-time, but when you’re on the coast of Florida and it’s 85 degrees out, its summer. When it is really …


How to make sushi temaki handrolls

My Sushi for One dinner Last week I taught a hand-on sushi class with 20 students in the studio kitchen. We had such a fun time making Temaki hand rolls, large inside out rolls and small Maki “cigar” rolls. Of course we had leftover ingredients, so the next evening I had a little Sushi for One party. In the photo …

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Simple 10-Minute Miso Soup

While writing my post on How to Host a Sushi Party, I surfed the blogs for a good 30 minutes looking for a great tutorial on how to make miso soup using instant dashi. Well, I couldn’t find one that I liked, and in that 30 minutes I could have made 30 gallons of miso soup and still photograph/write a …

Strange Search Terms

If I ever need a good laugh, I click on my blog stats and check out the search terms that people typed in to get to my website. This is a nice WordPress feature. Most of the search terms are pretty relevant, but some are just tad off-center. So I thought I would take a moment to reply to these …

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Lobster Mini-Me’s

Other than our weekend fishing excursions when we were kids, we also used to catch crawfish in the river. Mom used to go to the market, buy a whole chicken to use as bait. Tie a string around the whole bird, lower it in the river and wait. I don’t remember if we simply used it raw or if she …

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My First Spam Fried Rice Victim

Max, the exec editor of Creative Loafing (weekly entertainment paper) gave me a shoutout on my Spam Fried Rice post. I thought it was so nice of him that I offered to bring a freshly fried batch of the stuff to his office. And he thought I wouldn’t follow through. Yesterday, I did. How could i not resist feeding Spam …


Spam Fried Rice

“Oh no you DIDN’T!!!” Oh yes, I certainly did. —-(ahem)—-

An Ode to Spam in the Style of Seuss
(Green Eggs ‘n Ham)
Do you like Fried Rice and Spam?

Would you? Could you? In a wok?

Would you like them gently tossed?

Would you like them with fish sauce?

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Bounty and Bagna Cauda

My weekly trip to the organic farm stand. The mango above is one of the best I’ve ever had. Where is it from? Haiti! Who knew? Organic mangoes from Haiti. I had no idea that there are 10 million mango trees in Haiti. I usually am an advocate of eating locally. But I am also an advocate of supporting the small organic farmer. Oh, the dilemma! Go to the massive mega-supermarket …

Sprinkling Julienned Bits of Love and Joy

Thanks for all the advice and opinions. I think I’m comfortable enough to use my real name because I generally just stick to writing about food and not the people who live down the street that let their flea-infested dog crap on my front lawn. I figure that if I can make fun of myself almost as often as I …