Chinese Broccoli with Garlicky Ginger Miso


I’m so affected by food that even the mention of certain city names can illicit a salivary response. Pavlov’s dog for the foodie. If I think “Chicago”, I immediately remember Grant Achatz painting our table with candy gems, fruit baubles and sweet jams. Tomorrow, I’m heading back to Chi-town to speak at a food blogger event hosted by Verizon Wireless. Included in the trip …


Malaysian Chicken Noodle Soup with Asian Greens and Chili-Soy Sauce


[imagebrowser id=18] Malaysian Chicken Noodle Soup is called Ipoh Sar Hor Fun in Malaysia. “Ipoh” is the town that this dish originates from. I’m a bad, bad blogger. One who eats crumbly chocolate chip cookies while editing photos on a very expensive laptop with nose 2 inches from screen, thinking out loud “is this shade of green more greener than …


Chinese Broccoli (Gai Lan) with Oyster Sauce


        How to buy Gai Lan It’s easy to pick out the best Gai Lan, or to see if it is fresh and tender. Select a bunch, look at the ends of the stalk. If they are dry, crusted and shriveled. Don’t buy. The middle of the stalk should ideally be one color – a creamy, translucent …