Back to School Ideas

I’ve got 9 Back to School breakfast, lunch and snack ideas – head over to my guest post on Bon Appetit’s site! Oh and pssst….I’m also featured on for Marcella Hazan’s Simple Tomato Sauce recipe.

Hello, crispy skin.

We’re in K-k-k-kansas, celebrating the holiday at my brother, Jay’s new home. I’m dressed in every bit of warm clothing that I own and have decided that the down comforter doesn’t look so bad at all as a cape. The kids loved the cool weather and the massive backyard. Nice for running around and playing…but THERE’S NOWHERE TO HIDE! Gotcha! …


Sweet and Sour Chicken

When Elise asked me to be a guest writer for Simply Recipes, we decided to take Chinese favorites and make them better, lighter and easier to cook at home. So, I grabbed a take-out menu from the local Chinese restaurant and I will be working my way around those recipes for you. The first dish that popped out was Sweet …

Ginger, Coriander & Orange Braised Chicken

Inspired by flipping through Nigel Slater’s Appetite which has been sitting on my desk for the past 2 weeks because I can’t stop looking at it. I love his style of cooking – “a small handful of crabmeat per person” “ginger root – a small lump.” Nigel’s book teaches you how to improvise an…

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Roast Chicken with Sweet Plum Sauce

As you can tell, I’m going through a de-cluttering phase, basically purging my home because I know that in order to make room for shiny new crap I have to get rid of all the old crap and tschotchkes , which I think is Yiddish for “shit I don’t need.” Ok, really, my husband threatened to withhold all of my holiday gifts until I go clean my room and stop unnecessary …

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Asian Pork Burgers with Kimchi

I was lunching with my friend, restaurant critic Brian Ries of Creative Loafing, and he asked me what I thought of area burger joints. The truth is, the only burger that I ever order out is McDonald’s – mainly because my boys must. have. that. stupid. toy. Never mind that sometimes the inattentive cashier stuffs pinktutugirly toys in their Happy Meal, …as if she struggled determining the sex …

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Asian Lettuce Cups Recipe with Ground Turkey & Green Apple

Don’t you feel like this dish should just ::wink:: and do a little sexy twirl? Such a flirty little thing!

“Asian Lettuce Wraps” or “Asian Lettuce Cups” is the most requested recipe on my site. I’ve updated the recipe to be lighter, more refreshing and healthier. No goopy cornstarchy sauce! Sorry, P.F. Chang! You can make a vegetarian version – just substitute crumbed tofu, more vegetables or even plain rice for the ground turkey. Traditionally, the recipe includes canned …