sake2me – sparkling sake

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sake2me sparkling sake

A Little Bubbly + Premium Sake

sake2me is the first sparkling, infused premium Japanese sake drink, sake2me seamlessly combines the clean taste of junmai sake (premium sake) with exotic all-natural Asian flavors like Ginger Mango, Yuzu Citrus, Green Tea and Asian Pear.

Made from imported junmai sake, the best and most pure type of Japanese sake, sake2me is authentic and natural with no sulfites or gluten, a refreshing alternative to cocktails, beer or wine with just 7% alcohol content.

sake2me comes in single serve bottles – you can pour it directly into a wine or champagne glass, or enjoy it with a straw like me!

Earth Friendly

sake2me is an all-natural product with sustainable eco-friendly packaging.� It is made with 100% natural ingredients, not synthesized flavors or colors. They use premium junmai sake, which literally means “pure sake” in Japanese, and can only be made from special sake rice and pure spring water.� There are no sulfites and it is gluten-free.� The bottles are made with up to 70% recycled glass.� All of the packaging materials are 100% recyclable and are sourced from local companies in North America to reduce shipping and energy usage.� All of the junmai sake is imported from Japan and the infusing and bottling is done in the U.S., which dramatically reduces the amount of shipping if the bottled product was imported from Japan.

Four Fab Flavors

sake2me_asian_pear sake2me_ginger_mango1 sake2me_yuzu_citrus sake2me_green_tea

sake2me-asian-pearAsian Pear sake2me:� ripe, sweet fruit with subtle spicy aromatics.

sake2me-ginger-mangoGinger Mango sake2me: sensual fruit with a clean finish.

sake2me-yuzuYuzu Citrus sake2me:� lemony citrus aroma with a hint of Mandarin orange peel and mint.

sake2me-greenteaGreen Tea sake2me:� a blend of Asian green teas with notes of lemongrass and wildflower honey.