My trip to NYC for BlogHer started off with a little hiccup, and it had everything to do with three bloggers’ naivety about NYC traffic and overestimation of our lady skills in attracting a cab.

Ree, Elise and I were supposed to host an award for the SocialLuxe party – we were to be on stage at 6:20pm on the dot. Elise and I were staying together at the Hilton, and at 6:00pm we spied the cab line at the hotel 10-deep. Oh crap. Ran to the street corner 1 block ahead. Cabs were whizzing by, we flashed our sexy legs, but not a single one stopped. This is what happens when you pass the 38 year old mark.

Three blocks away, from another hotel, Ree was also faced with a 10-deep cab line and decided to have the hotel staff call to hire a private car to take us all to the party. Ree told Elise and I to hang tight, wait by the street corner and quickly jump in. Look for a black private car.

So we anxiously waited with our tippy toes at the busy intersection of 5th and Avenue of the Americas. The trouble was that there’s a lot of them black private cars, especially at that ritzy intersection. Each and every single one of them that seemed to slowed down a smidgen, we’d bend over, squint and peer into the heavily tainted windows, trying to recognize any sign of a redhead Ree.

Yeah, so we looked like those kind of ladies. Except we didn’t have the long legs. Or the hooker-heels. Or the perky boobs.

Not one car rolled down their window.

We’d make terrible street girls.

Thank goodness for blogging.

“Fitty-figh dolla for muchy good time!”

Oh boy were we relieved when the 29th black car that came by was Ree, signaling us to jump in.

We arrived late – it took us 30 minutes to drive 20 blocks in rush hour traffic.

Could’a walked you say? Oh heck no. Did you see the shoes Ree was wearing?

The party hostesses forgave our tardiness, we even got a souvenier mug to take home.

The next evening, the three of us muskateers hosted an amazing party with nearly 100 of our close bloggy friends. It was there that I confessed to Marlboro Man that the reason I kept walking very slowly behind him was to check out his….ahem…shoes.

Our party was on the rooftop of Peninsula Hotel, its view was breathtaking….even through the lens of a cell phone camera….

Doesn’t Elise look like a movie star?

Unfortunately, that’s all the photos I have from that night – we were too busy sipping, tasting, talking to bother with more. Good friends came to hang out, and I finally got to meet Adam and Shuna for the first time in person. UPDATE: the photographer! I totally forgot we had a photographer and he’s posted photos.

The next morning, Elise and I realized that spring chickens we no longer were….so we went back to bed until 1:00pm for a lunch date with three hungry men and a Korean fried chicken joint that has a sandwich with a strange name.

After lunch and 2-hour detour to Matt & Adam’s favorite dishware/home goods/photography prop shops, ABC Carpet & Home and Fishs Eddy, we all settled for donuts……..doughnuts at the famous Doughnut Plant. I’ve never seen so many shots of half-eaten donuts….it’s a food blogger thing, isn’t it? It must be!

If it’s a food blogger thing, then fine. Here’s my contribution.

Twenty-four hours after our sugar splurge, I got to see sweets of my own….