Kitchen Gadget Instant Win Game

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Happy Friday Steamy Kitchen fam! Today we are giving away four baking gadgets that every kitchen should have plus one grand prize winner will win a Ninja Food Processor.

In this recipe for Baking the Perfect Loaf of French Bread, how many cups of flour are required?

Plus we will be sharing some of Jaden’s top baking tips that everyone should know.

Jaden’s Best Baking Tips

We don’t do a lot of baking on Steamy Kitchen so these tips will focus techniques that can be used for just about all baking recipes. 

Grease a baking sheet with a cold stick of butter! It is a lot easier to grip a bar of butter and grease the inside of the pan rather than melting it and smearing it around with a paper towel. Plus it ensures that no butter is put to waste!

Have a sifter on hand because a lot of recipes will call for sifted ingredients. If you don’t sift something when a recipe calls for it, it’s not the end of the world, however, you may end up with a dry cake. Sifting or whisking your ingredients will aerate the flour and make for a fluffy airy texture.

Decorating a cake or cookies at home with the kids? Use a plastic bag, fill with frosting and then place in the fridge to chill. After about 15 minutes, remove from the fridge and snip the corner of one bag to create a convenient method to pipe frosting.

Extra tip: allow any hot desserts to cool completely before frosting to avoid a melted disaster

Don’t over mix anything! If a recipe calls for sifting, usually that is the method used to create a smooth silky batter. Recipes that don’t call for sifting probably require a few lumps of flour in them to create aeration. Small pockets of flour hold air, which will create a moist airy texture.

To keep cookies fresh, place a piece of bread in an air tight container with the cookies. The cookies will absorb the moisture with the bread and stay nice and soft. I like to use the heel of a loaf of bread because no one else eats that part of the loaf anyways! 

Now for the instant win!

Yomelo Hand Mixer

🍰Light but Powerful, the Yomelo hand mixer has a powerful and quiet 400W DC motor, It’s lightweight housing with soft-touch handle, comfortable and secure grip while mixing.


Nicewell Food Scale

The digital food scale with built-in four high-precision load sensors, quick and accurate 0.1oz/1g increments when adding ingredients, measuring range: 0.1oz to 22 lbs (2g/3g to 10kg). 


Cookie Scoop Set

The cookie scoops are made of 18/8 stainless steel, not only a shiny appearance, but also durable. With thickened spoon ball, thickened handle, the cookie scoopers will last longer, without worrying about breaking or bending easily.


Simply Gourmet Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

Designed with high-quality stainless steel these dishwasher safe measuring cups are built to last a lifetime! Take the guesswork out of cooking and baking with our metal measuring cups and spoons set that are a staple in every cook s kitchen.


Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

Quickly and consistently chop ingredients without worrying about liquefying them or leaving large, unprocessed chunks on top. Steadily fold doughs and mix batters to create everything from cookies and pies to pizzas.

Kitchen Gadget Instant Win Game

Spin to win below!


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    Kitchen Gadget Instant Win Game

    Spin to win below!

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