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I am feeling in the zone and at peace today after a great weekend!

One of my highlights of this weekend was .. RAIN!

When I was sleeping over the weekend and in and out of dream land, I could hear the gentle roar of thunder outside. At first I thought it was a very lucid dream I was having.
When I crawled out of bed and looked outside, I realized…it was not a dream! And there was a fresh morning rain to wake up to outside.
As I’ve shared a lot this summer, it has been so dang hot, so the freshness of the rain was something much appreciated and savored!

You know you live in the desert when you think rain must be a dream!

Now, for some Steamy Kitchen updates:
New Ultimate Guide To Microwave Cooking!
One of our key missions at Steamy Kitchen is to help make cooking as easy as possible.

Months ago I received an email from a community member who struggled with mobility and cooking for herself, she mentioned that the simplicity of our microwave recipes had helped her with the variety of veggies she was able to make for herself!

After receiving a few comments like this, we wanted to expand on content that helps simplify your life in the kitchen!

That is why we created a new Ultimate Guide To Microwave Cooking Guide on the site! You will find all of our microwave recipes, tips, and resources for cooking safely and conveniently in your microwave oven.
Many people do not know that you can do alot with this kitchen appliance, from cooking the perfect rice, steaming veggies or even baking single serve desserts!
We’ve also added a Microwave Cooking Times Cheat Sheet on this guide for you to download and keep close to your microwave to never overcook or undercook veggies in the microwave again!

Recipe of the Week:

Blueberry Muffin in a Mug Recipe

Speaking of Microwave Cooking! This week’s recipe is perfect for those who want a freshly baked blueberry muffin but don’t dare turn on their oven this summer!

This is the perfect single serve blueberry muffin recipe that comes together in just minutes and is made only in a mug and your microwave!


Jaden’s Weekly Tip:

Set A Clean Up Timer!
Do you love a clean house, but procrastinate or put off cleaning as much as possible?

One way I like to get things done is by setting a timer for 20 minutes. 20 minutes seems less daunting and you can actually get a ton done within that time frame.

Set the timer, start with one clean up activity and be amazed at what you can accomplish once the ball is rolling!

Adjust the time to more or less, whatever feels good to you!

Do you have a trick for overcoming procrastination with cleaning?

Let us know in the Facebook Group or email it in to us!

Have a great week, take a peek at our new giveaways below and see you Friday!
With love,





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