Hi Steamy Kitchen, today we are giving away a $100 Target Gift Card! This card can be used to buy anything you like from Target, in store or online.

We find it near impossible to walk of Target without spending under $100, but now you can after winning this giveaway! Target shopping spree on us 🙂

What we love about Target are all of the eco-friendly and vegan products that have started to stocked their shelves with. We will be sharing our top five favorites below.

Top Five Fav Eco-Friendly Target Brands and Products

The first fav eco-friendly Target brand is “Yes To” believes in high-quality, sustainable skin care for everybody! We love this brand because they look to nature for inspiration to deliver natural skin care. Plus, they don’t test on animals! Each “Yes To” line specializes for different skin types, check all of their collections here, just hover over “SHOP.” 

This second one is a must-have in the kitchen, next to the bamboo dish brush–garbage disposal cleaner! These are the sorts of products that get us excited on Steamy Kitchen, the easier the cleaning the better, right? Lemi Shine Disposal Cleaner will banish any weird smells crawling up your sink with a lemon fresh foam. Plus, its phosphate-free and biodegradable!

A non-toxic, eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner makes me feel like I’m cleaning my home with love, but sometimes, the smell of it… makes me think otherwise. That is why we love the brand “Love Home & Planet,” this beautiful planet-loving company makes plant-based cleaners that make your home smell like coconut water mimosa (and many other yummy fragrances)!

Target carries, cute compost bins that you can blend right into the aesthetic of your kitchen. Easily begin to collect kitchen scraps to repurpose into food for your garden. Check out this short video on YouTube to learn how to incorporate kitchen scraps straight into your garden!

Last, but not least, something for the dogs! “West Paw” is a durable dog toy company that implements eco-friendly materials and manufacturing choices. We love this brand because West Paw is dedicated to being “Dogs Best Friend” and our dogs have yet to destroy these super durable toys. This one is Riley’s favorite!


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