Steamy Kitchen is partnering up with Vacos to bring safety and comfort into your home with the Vacos security camera. These cameras are solar powered, wireless and waterproof–everything a security cam should be!

About Vacos

“Vacos, an innovative startup in smart home security field, aims to bring the finest and best smart home security solutions for customers globally.”

Steamy Kitchen is partnering with Vacos to bring you a high-quality smart home security camera so you can ensure the safety of your home at all times. Vacos also carries baby monitors, a video doorbell and tech more accessories.

Why We Love the Vacos Cam IR

  • The Vacos Cam is really good at detecting people, it uses special technology and a PIR sensor to detect movement. This camera is unique because it will alert you if the movement was a person or an animal! This camera ensures you don’t stress the false alarms.
  • This camera has great image quality. It is almost crystal clear and great for keeping a close watch on your most beloved things–day or night. 
  • Vacos prides themselves in bringing their customers the most high-quality smart home products so of course you can connect this camera to Alexa for 100% hands-free operation.
  • This security camera had the easiest set-up I have ever experienced. It does not require a cord to be plugged into a power source, just a charge. Or you can choose to use the little solar panel to power your security camera. We love a green powered security camera! 
  • Last and best of all, this cam is weather proof! It can withstand all terrain and even the harshest rains.

Vacos Cam IR Cons

  • I will be honest, though the image quality is great, there was a bit of a lag in the live feed once connected to the app on my phone (though this may have been due to my wifi connection).
  • Speaking of wifi connection, it took a couple of attempts to connect the Vacos Cam to my wifi; however, it did successfully connect at the end of the day!
  • The app proved slightly confusing and I could not figure out how to use the Cloud Storage–I can never figure out the cloud though! However, I did go here to ask and seek answers to my questions. It was a bit of a hit or miss if I found my answers, but the Vacos community seems to be extremely helpful and responsive!

Favorite Vacos Cam IR Quality

This security camera allows you to talk on with the visitor anywhere via your smartphone. You can confirm your package delivery when you are in the office and you can shout at and scare off intruders from anywhere!

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