During our trip to NYC last week, I taught my girlfriend, Wendy, how to knit as it was too cold to romp around in Central Park. Even power-shopping was difficult as we Florida gals aren’t used to anything below 50F.

Despite my almost-monthly trips to NYC, I’ve never had a chance to visit to Purl Soho, the site that has inspired so many of my projects (and responsible for $$$$ of my yarn stash).

So one evening, Wendy and I spent a good 2 hours at the store, she picked out her first skein of yarn and needles (scarf!) and I rolled around in cashmere yarn in the back corner of the store.

It’s not many times that a yarn inspires the project — usually a pattern or a photo inspires a project (I’m a very visual person) – but this time, the yarn and circumstance created the desire.

Irresistible 100% cashmere yarn.

Cold arms.

A quick check to Ravelry to find a pattern that inspired me and voila! Knitted cashmere arm warmers.

I didn’t get to finish these in NYC – these photos were taken here at home (don’t you go thinking that NYC has green grass in February!)

It’s a very simple pattern, it’s just a tube, and if you’ve ever knitted socks before, this is way easier. There are no heels and toes to deal with! It knits up really quickly too – under 2 hours per arm. It’s perfect for waiting rooms, watching TV, standing in line, etc.

If you’re brand new to knitting – i.e. have never picked up a pair of needles before – this probably is not a good pattern to start with because it’s made using 4 double-pointed needles. Brand new knitters should start with something on 2 needles, like a scarf (which is what Wendy is knitting).

The yarn, Jade Sapphire 2-ply Mongolian Cashmere is so incredibly soft – it’s 100% cashmere – and while at $43/skein rocks the pricey end of yarn, I only used 13 out of 55 grams. So you could even split the skein amongst 3 people. The skein contains 400 yards of pure cashmere. Your arms deserve nothing but the best, right!?

The off-white trim yarn is angora blend – it’s just a bit of yarn that I have left over in my stash. You could use just able anything for this trim – you’ll only need a few yards – mohair, angora, ribbon yarn, whatever you think would provide a nice, flirty edge.

If you want a rufflier trim, just knit a couple more rounds of the trim to extend the ruffle.

These arm warmers would make a perfect gift for someone special (Mother’s Day is May 9th!)

La La Knit Cashmere Arm Warmers Pattern

Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere 2-ply (I only used 20 grams or approx 180 yards – but this depends on your gauge)
Trim: 10 yards contrasting color cashmere, mohair or any other fun yarn

Size 7 double pointed needles

6 stitches to the inch

(Make 2)
– Cast on 36 stitches and divide amongst 3 needles (12 stitches per needle). Join for working in the round, be careful not to twist the stitches.

– Knit 2/Purl 2 for 6 rounds or about 1.5″. This is your ribbing.

– Continue Knitting in the round until desired length (mine are 12″ long).

– Switch to trim yarn. Knit front and back of each stitch. Knit next round. Bind off. Weave in Ends.