Subway Launches Banh Mi

Subway launches the Vietnamese Bahn Mi!

Okay, not really. But I gotcha, didn’t I??

Guess, who got me? Eat Drink & Be Merry, one of the very first bloggers I’ve ever met in person waaaay back nearly 4 years ago.

His poster design on the left here was so convincing (EDBM is a graphic designer by day) that I held my breath as I scanned the post. Until I got to this photo:

Ok Ok. Joke. Ha ha! Jared does look quite dashing in that rice paddy.

EDBM actually went to a Subway to see if he could re-create a Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich, bringing along his own pate, Maggi, scrambled egg, fresh jalapenos to add on to Subway’s regular fare.

I took on the challenge, but I only brought one item with me – the essential Maggi Sauce.

And hey, kids, if you bring along Maggi sauce with you in your purse, make sure you double-bag it.

Maggi sauce: great condiment, horrible fabric freshener.

My mini-Maggi:

I haven’t set foot into a Subway in 2 years, but I see very little has changed.

I asked for a cold cut, since the Banh Mi I love has pate — so I figure this cold cut “meat” would be close enough. Have them toast your bread to give it a good crunch, just like Vietnamese Banh Mi french bread.

Lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, red onion, pickles and a bit of mayonnaise. Of course, pickles aren’t normally part of the Banh Mi experience, but I needed that pickle element to replace the daikon/carrot pickle. sidenote: didn’t Subway used to have shredded carrots?

And there we have it. the Subway sandwich. Not so appetizing.

Maybe this angle will make it look better.


How about adding posing the mini-Maggi in the photo? Ahhh much better.

Forget the sandwich, let’s focus on the mini-Maggi.

Just a few shakes on one side:

And then the other:

And there we have it, the Subway Banh Mi, with just one addition – the almighty Maggi Sauce.

The taste? Well, let’s just say that if I was put on a desert island, that ONE THING I’d bring would be Maggi Sauce. It makes everything taste better. The sandwich was not bad! Certainly holds no candle to a real Banh Mi, but hey, given whatcha got, improvising is the name of the game and this will certainly do!

You can find Maggi sauce at your Asian grocer. I’ve also have seen it at regular supermarkets – look in 2 different places. If you don’t find it in the “Ethnic Aisle” (ugh, when will supermarkets ever get rid of that section and just integrate world foods in with the regular ‘ol American stuff?!) or look in the section where they sell broth, bouillon and soup mixes.

I know you’re going to ask me where I bought my mini-Maggi – it was at an Asian market near my house. I haven’t seen any other retailer sell it. Next time I go there, I’ll buy an entire case of ’em to stock up. I never want to be too far away from my Maggi.

I leave you with a final photo, my husband walking out of a Subway. He didn’t want to try the Subway Banh Mi. It was his choice, but he stuck with the regular menu.

Obviously, wrong choice.