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Hello hello, today we are giving away one 4K Digital Camera so you can start video recording all of your adventures! Snap shots of your kids, record travel adventures or take pictures of simple scenery you find beautiful.

You could even start vlogging about your life! This camera is the full bundle with everything that you need to get started recording special moments.

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4K Digital Camera with 16X Digital Zoom

⭐It is so small and can be slipped in a pocket or handbag.
⭐The high frame rate lets you capture quick moves in sporting without losing any detail.
⭐You can mount it to a tripod (not included) to walk and film at the same time.
⭐You can hold the digital camera backwards, rotate the flip-out screen to take selfie.
⭐You can take tremendous pictures with the include wide lens and macro lens.
⭐By connecting the vlogging camera to computer, you can make calls with friends.
⭐There is a build in microphone, but you can connect external stereo microphone to it.
⭐The wifi function enables you share your moments instantly without any delay.

✔【VLOGGING CAMERA WITH FLIP SCREEN】Our digital camera delivers high-bit-rate 4K-resolution video at 30FPS and clear image at 48MP without missing any details. The 4k camera also supports 16X digital zoom (Auto focus is not supported). The tiltable viewing screen is perfect for video blogging and self-portraits. Your will like the curved rubberized grip on the front which you can wrap your finger around comfortably and not have to worry about dropping the video camera.

✔【A POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA FOR ALL AGES】It’s super suitable for the “happy snapper” who just hope to point and shoot to take good quality images without too much work. You can take pictures or videos very quickly after switching on. The menu system is quite intuitive and the front dial for changing settings on mode is easy to navigate, which makes it a great digital camera for beginners and amateurs.

✔【TRUVIEW 0.45x WIDE ANGLE LENS & 15x MACRO LENS】With the included wide-angle lens, this camera for photography is able to capture 45% more picture with every snap. There are no dark corners like cheaper lens does. The macro lens can magnify nearby subjects for breathtaking, super close-up photos, capture as much details as it can. With this 4k camera, you can shoot stunning photos of people, landscapes, selfies and more!

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