Hey Steamy Kitchen family, today we want to express how much gratitude we have for our Steamy Kitchen fam. It would not be Steamy Kitchen without your support and entering our giveaways. So thank you!

Enter for a chance to win a $10 PayPal gift card to spend on anything that you want, on us. Check out the Steamy Kitchen Shop for products you can make your home cozy with this fall.

PayPal gift cards can be spent on anything you want. The $10 will transfer directly to your bank account if you have a PayPal account. 

Check out this article from Android Authority for info on How to Set Up a PayPal account.

Steamy Kitchen has gone through some changes recently and we are so grateful for all of the support and love we have received from everybody. We have all built a beautiful community! 

4 Ways to Make a Magical Moment with $10

Pay for a stranger’s coffee- next time you’re in line at getting coffee and feeling grateful, spread the gratitude and buy the coffee for someone behind you. 

Invest in your kitchen- there are unique kitchen gadgets on amazon for under $10 that will help improve your cooking experience.

  • This knife sharpener ensures all knives are ready to slice at all times.
  • A handy meal planner helps keep track of what’s already in your kitchen and what you need to get from the store.
  • Pastry mold’s can be used to fold dumplings, ravioli or and empanada and speed up the folding process.

Find a small business to support- discover a new small business and buy something from them for $10. Etsy is a great place to start and is an easy shop to navigate. Check out this amazon page to find a variety of different small businesses you can order from.

Buy yourself fresh flowers- show yourself gratitude and appreciate the simple beauty and smell your favorite fresh flowers bring into your space. 

Check out the video for a BONUS idea for how you can create a fifth magical moment with $10.

Enter to win the $10 Steamy Kitchen Appreciation Instant Win. Jaden is all about and attitude of gratitude and we want to share that energy with you. 

Challenge yourself in finding new ways to be grateful and discovering simple ways to express gratitude. 

SK Appreciation Instant Win: $10 PayPal Gift Cards

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