These little fuzzy kiwi fruits are fussy to peel, because the skin is so incredibly thin, and a perfectly ripe kiwi is delicate to handle.

But it’s still one of my favorite tropical fruits, as I love the sweet, tart, juicy fruit with the crunchy little black seeds!

Wanna know my trick to peeling kiwi fruit? It’s super simple, the fruit stays whole and look at how little fruit I’ve wasted on the peel! I was recently on both ABC7 and CBS10 showing off my kiwi fruit peeling skills.

How to peel Kiwi Fruit

Well crap! The television station must have taken down the video (I was live on CBS doing this kiwi slicing trick!)

But no worries – here’s my friend, beautiful Alejandra from Always Order Dessert peeling kiwi the same way.

What are some of your fruit peeling/cutting/storing/serving secrets? Would love to know!