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This giveaway is for you if you love being out under the stars and exploring the unknown.

Today we have one Gskyer Travel Telescope to giveaway!

Lose yourself in the night skies and share the experience with your kids or grandkids.

Stepping into the art of stargazing for the very first time can be an overwhelming experience. Overly complicated telescopes, hidden features, and confusing accessories only make the process of getting started more difficult.

A balance between affordable and performance are two of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing any telescope.

Gskyer  Travel Telescope


The body, accessories, and tripod are lightweight and fit conveniently in the provided travel bag for easy portability. for backyard exploring, outdoor adventures, camping trips, and vacations, both kids and adults will enjoy of discovery and observation fun.

About Magnification

Gskyer telescope is a cost-effective one with bright image quality and high magnification power. 25 mm, and 10 mm eyepiece all offer varying levels of magnification. Which is very suitable for kids, beginners and amateur astronomer to explore the sky, the moon, the planet. 

3X Barlow Lens

A 3x Barlow lens, 25 mm, 10 mm eyepiece and finderscope all offer varying levels of magnification. The magnification from 16x to 120x and provides clear, up-close images of birds, wildlife, distant treetops, as well as the moon, planets, and some star arrangements. 

The Gskyer Instruments Infinity 70mm telescope manages to do exactly that – An affordable affordable for a high quality telescope.

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