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Hello and happy Monday once again Steamy Kitchen fam!

In this recipe for Chinese Sweet Coconut Buns Recipe, besides the sweet coconut filling, what is the second type of bun filling Jaden makes?

Today we have terrific tips for spending time with family and a new giveaway.

Enter to win a TCL 40-Inch Smart TV! Start planning fun movie nights with the fam!

To kick off this Monday, we will start with tops tips for spending time with family.

Family has always got your back, no matter what. It pays to nourish those relationships and never take family for granted. 

Spending Time with Family

When was the last time you dedicated time to spending with family? I enjoy going on walks, painting in the park and making dinner for my loved ones!

Movie Night

Dedicate a day once a week to movie night! Everyone in the house wears PJ’s, pop up the pop corn and choose a movie to watch together. Make a fort or throw all of the pillows in the house onto the living room floor for maximum comfiness and fun.

Dinner Ritual

Start with eating dinner together.

If you already eat together every night, go a step further by making an occasion of cooking meals, prepping the table and cleaning up together. 

Dedicate even more time to family by creating an after dinner ritual such as going for a walk, playing a board game or enjoying a bowl of ice cream.

Travel Somewhere Together

Plan a trip or staycation somewhere with the fam! It’s fun to experience a little family adventure. Many memories and unforgettable moments are bound to be made. 

Stay at a hotel with a pool and spa, find an airBnB near the beach or a lake or find a lodge with outdoor hiking adventures. 

A Call Away

I know you have that one family member you never talk to. They are just a click away! Whether it’s a parent, grandparent or cousin, you can rekindle that relationship–call and ask how they’re doing, it just might mean the world to them. 

Pick up the phone or schedule a zoom meeting now!

Dance Party

Have daily dance parties! Blast some tunes in your home to sing and dance to together. Get the energy up and let loose around the people you have the most fun with. 

You could also opt to play a few rounds of “Just Dance” with the fam! 

TCL 40-inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV

The 3-Series Full HD TCL Roku TV puts all your entertainment favorites in one place, allowing seamless access to over 500,000 movies and TV episodes, your cable box, gaming console, and other devices—all from your simple, intuitive interface.

The super-simple remote and dual-band Wi-Fi make it fast and easy to access your favorite content in Full HD. Connect all your favorite devices with the three HDMI inputs. 

Simply Smart

The 3-Series TCL Roku TV delivers all your favorite content with over 500,000 movies and TV episodes, accessible through a simple, intuitive interface in a sleek, modern design.

Powerful Mobile App

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a full-function Roku remote with voice control, the ability to browse and add new channels, even listen to TV audio on headphones connected to your mobile device.

Easy-to-Use Remote

The super-simple Roku TV remote has only 20 buttons to make navigating easier. With around half the buttons of a traditional TV remote, you won’t have to struggle to find the button you need.

About TCL

With a lineup of award-winning televisions, audio products, mobile devices, and appliances, TCL delivers meaningful experiences through thoughtful design and the latest technology, helping you enjoy more of the things you love.




  1. Awesome Prize!!!

  2. My entries in your giveaways stoped and I’am not able to enter. When I select a giveaway theres no place for my name or Email. What happened.

    • Hello Thomas!

      I am sorry to hear you are having issues with our giveaways. To troubleshoot, simply clear you cookies and or use another browser and let us know if this helps! The browsers all have their own cookie storage limit and once you hit that you have to clear cookies.

      Please let us know if that helps!

      – Steamy Kitchen Team

  3. I would love a voice control feature because using a remote can be hard on my hands.

  4. Good luck everyone
    Let the show start… popcorn n blanket…

  5. Ground Beef

  6. Our oldy – moldy TV does nothing except on/off.
    Hopefully many people will not figure out, or have the time, to find these bonus requirements.

  7. Pour moi car ma T”V” est très vieille et je pourrais la remplacer. Merci

  8. Why can’t I enter?

  9. The tv has attitude issues in the picture including white lines and is about as easy to move as a 50 lb. bag of Quickrete!

  10. A fixed income also means a fixed television.

  11. Haven’t had a tv for over a year. Too poor and in retirement.

  12. It would replace the old klunker we are watching now.

  13. Our tv is showing signs of reaching the end of it’s life. This tv would be amazing!

  14. Wasn’t there supposed to be an entry form?
    Didn’t see any

  15. merci un beau concours

  16. No entry form comes up

  17. Our tv is showing signs of reaching the end of it’s life. This tv would be amazing!

  18. Would be great for the guest room, always wanted a TV in there


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