Acekool Stand Mixer Review and Giveaway

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Hi Steamy Kitchen fam! Today we have a review and giveaway for the Acekool Multifunctional Stand Mixer

This mixer is perfect for the upcoming holidays, bake all of your warmest breads and softest cookies.

We love this mixer because

  • It’s SO lightweight! Great for easy moving.
  • The 7.5Qt bowl capacity is HUGE! It’s perfect for large batches and big cakes, if that’s your sort of thing!
  • It’s easy to use. There’s very little learning curve with this mixer. The 10-speed light up dial is a nice touch and easy to turn up or down, depending on your needed mixing speed, and the attachments are easily installed and dismantled.
  • The bowl locks in place. With just a slight turn, everything is lined up and you don’t have to worry about an unsteady parts wreaking havoc on your kitchen.
  • It comes with a splash guard for further protection.
  • Everything is dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze!
  • The tilt-head is a GODSEND! Being able to lean the mixer top back makes changing the attachments and securing the bowl so easy!
  • The suction cups add that next level of stability for this monster of a machine.

Some great features of this mixer include:

  • A Variety of Attachments: This mixer comes with a dough hook, flat beater, whisk, and Splash-proof cover to meet your different needs.
  • 660W Power Motor: This portable, compact stand mixer is equipped with a 660W high-performance pure copper motor. It can effortlessly blend a variety of foods, from pasta to ice cream to egg whites to bread dough. It’s truly versatile!
  • 10-Speed Options: The Acekool cake mixer can mix bread dough, thick batters, meringues, and whipping cream and there are speeds recommended for each.
  • Tilt-head & Anti-slip Design: The tilt-head design allows access to install or uninstall the bowl and accessories easily. The six anti-slip silicone suction cups and solid connecting rod reduce vibration and noise.
  • 3 Year Guarantee: Acekool offers a 3-year guarantee for replacement or refund. If you have any problems, all you have to do is contact them.

Check out the review video to see how the Acekool Stand Mixer mixes banana bread batter perfectly!

Just a few cons:

  • The attachments aren’t as sturdy as other mixers and feel just a bit plasticky.
  • If you’re not used to such a large capacity bowl, this will feel bulky to you, especially if you usually store your mixer away until you need it. It takes up a significant amount of cabinet space. But if you bake or mix in for a big family, it might just be right up your alley!

Acekool 7.5 Quart Stand Mixer with 10 Speeds 

7.5Qt Bowl With Handle

A big mixing 7.5Qt-bowl offers enough capacity for your family. This stand mixer has a handle that is more convenient to hold. Our electric mixer for baking comes with a dough hook, flat beater, whisk, and Splash-proof cover to meet your different needs. All of the accessories are dishwashers available, you can just throw them in the dishwasher, feel free to clean quickly.

660W Power Motor

This portable, compact stand mixer equipped with a 660W high-performance pure copper motor, the powerful motor can whip, beat, or knead dough and better-kneading result. This dough mixer can effortlessly for a variety of food, ranging from pasta to ice cream, egg whites to bread dough. Definitely one of the best appliances in your kitchen.

10-Speeds Options

The Acekool cake mixer using for mixing bread dough, thick batters, meringues, and whipping cream,1-3 Speeds for dough hook(Heavy mixtures-Bread, Pizza, Spaghetti),4-7 Speeds for beater (Medium-heavy mixtures-Salad, Cookie, Crepes),8-10 Speeds for a whisk,(Light mixtures-Cream, Egg, Cake, Sauces)

Tilt-head & Anti-slip Design

The tilt-head design mixer allows access to install or uninstall bowl and accessories easily. 6 Anti-slip silicone suction cups and solid connecting rod design can reduce vibration and noise, even will keep the machine steady in place while working. When you lift up the top half of the stand mixer which will stop working to ensure your safety during the kneading process.


Acekool Stand Mixer Review and Giveaway

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  1. I would love a high quality mixer to be able to make bread

  2. I have never owned a stand mixer (until now ), this will be great to have. I can bake more. And yry different stuff. Would be awesome to make fresh bread and pizza dough and have mixer do most of the work.

  3. I am using a 15 year old hand mixer so this baby would be mine. But I’d share all the goodies that I make with it.

  4. There are problems with the website. Whatever the cause, it’s been going on for several days now and the closer I get to the top of the page that’s when the trouble starts. The giveaways don’t show name/email or ENTER. Thank You, for being here for us, Jaden.



  7. Maybe, just maybe this would allow me to start trying my hand at baking.


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