This Week’s Intention: Let Your Inner Light Shine Brighter! 🕯🌿

We are in the depths of the winter months (spring is almost here, hang on my friends!), and I find that my own inner light isn’t as bright as perhaps the summer months!

I encourage you to tune into your own unique inner light this week. Here are 5 of my favorite ways to let your inner light shine below!

5 Ways To Let Your Inner Light Shine Bright 

  1. Tune Your Inner Radio Frequency To J O Y : Think of yourself as a radio (a very lovely multidimensional radio that is). Just as a radio does, we have the ability to “tune” our own energy and frequencies! Sometimes all it takes is bringing presence to a moment, where you find yourself on the wrong radio channel! In these moments, pause, slow down, observe how you feel, and then identify one small action or mindset change to help you shift into a more joyful state of being. This not only helps yourself but those around you and who you interact with in the day. 
  2. Be AUTHENTICALLY YOU!  You know what I am tired of… not being myself. We all are so unique and quirky in our own mind and most of us hide that beautiful authentic nature to the world. Tune into the inner child in you this week and dive into authenticity and fun. Speak from your heart and don’t be afraid to let your true authentic essence shine! 
  3. Get Some Sunshine and Nature Time: Sunshine and nature do wonders for our mood, mental health and physical body! Find some time to feel the sunshine on your face and soak in some rays (even in the colder months) and let your glow come alive. 
  4. Perform An Act of Kindness: Kindness, compassion and sympathy in my mind  are the ways that we shine the brightest. Challenge yourself to spread your own light this week by performing an act of kindness. When we do good for others, watch your whole mood shift into a beam of light to carry you through your day! 
  5. Choose High Vitality Foods And Increase Hydration. It is very hard to shine bright when we feel bad from eating a too many bags of chips. Believe me, been there, ate that. Tune into high vitality simple foods this week. Try incorporating more water dense foods to make sure your cells are nice and hydrated! 

My favorite way to let my light shine is to lean into authenticy!

So many times we dim ourselves, hide our quirks, our jokes, our points of view, our goofiness. I encourage you to lean into what makes you unique and share it with the world this week!

Tune into the inner goofball within and dive into more authenticity and fun! Watch yourself tap into more joy and allow others around you to do the same.

Let us know how this week’s intention goes for you by sharing in our SK Happy and Healthy Life Facebook Group or leave a comment below!