Coco *loves* the hens….she considers them, “things to chase around” — the hens don’t like Coco much and normally squawk, freak out and run away. Lately, Fireflapper, our golden sex link hen, created a new strategy.

“Aha! a chicken to chase!”

Chase! Chase!

Instead of flapping wings and running to the coop, Fireflapper steps aside, stays put, right where she is and lets Coco, who thinks Fireflapper is going to run, pass on by.

“Uh oh. where’d she go?”

Right behind ya, Coco!

Fireflapper chases Coco, pecks her in the butt.

“Hi hen friend! Wanna play again?”

“Wanna play? Wanna play? huhhuhuh???”

“Come ‘on, let’s play!”



“Yeah, chase THIS you dumb dog!”