Hello Steamy Kitchen Fam! Today we’re reviewing another wonderful product and giving you a chance to win this Saki Smart Air Fryer Oven!


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My 17 year old son LOVES crinkle cut fries, and he’s VERY specific about his favorite part–the crispy little textured ridges. (Personally, I’m a shoe-string fry person, but everyone’s got an opinion on the best fries.) I thought his love of crinkle cut fries provided a perfect opportunity to test this air fryer out, and BONUS: teenagers give brutally honest food reviews, so you KNOW this is gonna be accurate!😆

Here’s what I loved about this Saki Smart Air Fryer Oven:

  • The air fryer let me know when the basket required a shake to ensure the fries were evenly cooked. I’ve never had an air fryer do that before!
  • The recipe book is beautiful and surprisingly well-written! (Coming from a professional recipe book writer, this is a BIG compliment!)
  • The fries came out perfectly golden brown and deliciously crispy!
  • It’s actually easy to clean, which is not the case for many air fryers. The door is even removable so you can get into all the nooks and crannies no problemo!
  • The stacked trays allow for cooking multiple items at the same time. 
  • I didn’t utilize the app, but I hear good things about it. 
  • Final verdict: My son LOVED the fries! Woo hoo!


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Some great features of this fryer include:

  • Smart Control: Industry-leading first air fryer oven with smart controls. Use the SAKI Smart App to control your air fryer oven remotely. Adjust temperature and time from anywhere – yes, even outside your home. Then, start cooking tasty meals with a single button.
  • 13-Quart Large Capacity: Large cooking capacity with 4 rack levels and many functions. Thoughtfully designed for large families, 13-quart large cooking capacity allows you to rotisserie whole chicken for your loved ones. Thanks to its vertical design, the Saki air fryer oven is a space saver with multi-cooking functions.
  • 9 Cooking Functions: SAKI air fryer oven does everything you expect from an air fryer. 9 preset cooking functions Steak, Chicken, Seafood, Bacon, French Fries, Vegetables, Preheat, Rotisserie, and Dehydrate guide you to perfection. More functions mean perfectly cooked steaks, crunchy French fries, stunning bright vegetables, and many more.
  • Safe & Certified Materials: All parts that come with the Saki air fryer oven are PFOA and BPA free. UL listed. All parts of the Saki air fryer oven are dishwasher safe. Even the Saki air fryer oven door is removable to place in the dishwasher.
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty: We pride ourselves on being buyer-friendly, 100% Replacement Guarantee covers each air fryer. Contact us for any concerns or issues.


saki air fryer oven


Just a few cons:

  • The basket is a little on the small side, but that’s a minor concern for my uses. 
  • There’s an option to connect to wifi, but I don’t really see the need for my kitchen appliances to have internet. 
  • The oven is a little noisy, but still good.


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Smart. Healthy. Good-looking.

With its set-it-and-forget-it automatic timer, high-performance, powerful motor, and an easy-to-read LCD display for program setting, you can save the taste, texture, and nutrition and jettison the junk.

Cooking with Almost No Oil!

You can fry, bake, grill, and roast like a pro, using just one versatile appliance and virtually no oil. Banish the bad fats and high calories, while saving good taste, perfect food textures, and precious time.


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SAKI air fryer oven’s rotisserie function cooks food uniformly. Its spit constantly rotates during cooking, achieving a perfectly crisp outside but a succulent interior—time to rotisserie a whole chicken at ease.


saki air fryer oven



With a broad range of temperatures, from 90°F to 400°F, and cooking time up to 24 hours, the SAKI air fryer oven’s dehydrate function will preserve subtle tastes, textures of your fruits, vegetables, and many more.


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Browse Recipe Library

Use the SAKI Smart App to browse 100+ chef-quality recipes. Cook savory meals from scratch with no guesswork. Create your savory recipes make over and over again.


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Work out the way you want to, not over the sink. We would rather play tennis or throw the frisbee around than scrub greasy pots clean. All parts of the oven are dishwasher safe. Even the door can be removed to get it scrubbed-behind-the-ears clean.

What are you looking forward to making with the Saki Smart Air Fryer Oven?