Day 1: Cash And Card Kick Off $100 Cash Giveaway

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Hello Steamy Kitchen Family! 

We have something very special in store for you – and especially for those who love Cash and Gift Card Giveaways! 

Over the next 30 days we will be launching a NEW giveaway each and every day. We have 30 specially selected, fan favorite gift cards or cash prizes ready for you to enter throughout this holiday season.

Of course everyone loves to win extra money or gift cards to our favorite places! 

We are kicking things off with our Day One Cash and Card Kickoff Giveaway for $100.

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(If you haven’t, simply enter the giveaway below and you will be added to our list.) 

30 Days Of Giveaways: Day One

Today’s giveaway is for $100 cold hard cash to kick things off! We are excited for you to enter and to be apart of the next 30 days of giveaways.

30 Days Of Giveaways Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the giveaways run for?

The giveaways will run for a full 90 days from the day that they launch. 

How do we know if we win?

After each giveaway is over, my team and I will draw winners and you will be notified by email. Winners will also be posted on out winner list. 

What is the total prize value over the next 30 days?

We have over $3000 USD in cash and gift cards to enter to win over the next 30 days! This is one of our biggest giveaway series to date! 

Will you be launching other giveaways in addition to the giveaway series?

Yes! We will continue to be launching our weekly 3 regular giveaway and 1 instant win in addition to the 30 days of cash and gift cards. For those of you who prefer physical items, gadgets, electronics and review items – don’t worry we will still be sharing those as well. 

If you have more questions head to our giveaway FAQ page or leave a comment below. 

Let us know in the comments what you are most excited to win – cash or gift card!

What would you use cash towards or tell us what is your favorite place to win a gift card from?

Cash And Card Kick Off $100 Cash Giveaway

Enter the giveaway below: 


  1. cash.

  2. I would be happy to win cash or a gift card. Anything will be greatly appreciated.

  3. I would be happy for either cash or gift cards. I appreciate entry opportunities.

  4. I could use it towards buying food

  5. It would be nice to be picked but I am not expecting it it would be nice to use the cash to buy my son and two small grandsons something thank you for the chance

  6. Cash for me

  7. I’d love to win some cash, I’m saving up for a vacation.

  8. Cash me out side shopping

  9. CA$H
    Thx for chance❣️

  10. My children have birthdays close to the holidays!

  11. I would love to win cash or gift card for a local grocery store. I would give to my son who has not been able to work for the past 2 n 1/2 year because he has a very rare incurable desease.

  12. i am most exciting to win the $100 cash thanks for the chance

  13. I love grocery store gift cards the most!

  14. Thank you, Jaden! I would love to win either type of prize–but if I had to choose, cash would be my preference.

  15. I would love to win a gift card. I would also put it towards groceries.

  16. Cash preferably, would be used towards groceries

  17. I would love to have some extra money with Christmas coming maybe I can even get something for myself

  18. I would love to win the cash prize to spend on whatever I need.

  19. Cash is always good. So many things one can use it towards and so many necessities now a days. Food, gas, groceries and can even put it towards rent or in a savings for later use. Can also use to buy personal items one needs.

  20. I would love to win a gift card. Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Cash, I’d put it towards groceries – not exciting but necessary!


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