Welcome to the second last giveaway of our 30 days of Cash and Giveaways Series! I hope you have enjoyed and had fun with each and every giveaway that has launched over the last month!

We have our grand finale tomorrow, but today we have a special giveaway for a $150 American Express Gift Card! 

American Express Gift Card Giveaway

This is our first time to give away a gift card to American Express! You can use your gift card as any other credit card to purchase exactly what you would like this winter!

Even put it towards groceries, bills, or maybe a winter getaway or fun winter present! 

Special Steamy Kitchen Feedback Bonus Entry

We just wanted to add that if you have participated in our full giveaway series we appreciate your participation and love in our giveaways and we hope you enjoy them! 

If you have anything to add to our giveaways in the new year, please head to our bonus entry questions (after you enter the form below) and let us know what you would like to see improve, what prizes you would like to win and any other feedback.

Myself and my team will be going through you responses thoroughly before planning out some AMAZING giveaways for 2023!