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Today we are giving away a Lacoste.12.12 Women’s Quartz Plastic and Silicone Strap Watch Giveaway.

Quality sturdy and beautiful watch. Matches everything color and style!!

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Lacoste.12.12 Women's Quartz Plastic and Silicone Strap Watch Giveaway


About the Lacoste.12.12 Women’s Quartz Plastic and Silicone Strap Watch 

  • Iconic Design: The details of the polo shirt are brought to the wrist with a sleek and modern reinterpretation of the Lacoste.12.12 for her. A petit-piqué pattern on the outer of the bold curved dial and the center of the silicone strap provides eye-catching detail, while a crocodile at 3 o’clock adds signature Lacoste branding. The watch is complete with hands and stick indexes in polished metal for a feminine touch.
  • Quality Materials: Women’s Lacoste 12.12 Ladies, black TR90 composite material case, black dial with index, black silicone strap.
  • Quartz Accuracy: Quartz movement provides precise timekeeping and minimal maintenance for a reliable and worry-free timepiece.
  • Durable Mineral Crystal: Made from glass and protects watch from scratches.
  • Caring for your Timepiece: Your Lacoste watch has been developed with meticulous attention to quality, function and detail. A maintenance interval of 3 to 5 years is recommended, in addition to any required battery replacement. Never open the watch yourself.


Lacoste. 12.12. Collection

Bringing the iconic details of the Lacoste polo shirt to the wrist, the Lacoste. 12. 12 is the brand’s signature timepiece.


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Lacoste.12.12 Women’s Quartz Plastic and Silicone Strap Watch Giveaway

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