This one time, at the Asian Market….

I often get asked, “what’s it like taping for television?”

My answer: it depends on how many shots of tequila I take before going on. No, just kidding. My segments are about 4 minutes long, and while it’s not “live” we only do it in one take unless I really really screw up.

I love short one-take segments like this because it’s definitely challenging, keeps me on my toes and it’s a high-action situation — I’m in, do my thing and I’m out.

The hostess of the morning talk show has a telepromter, but only to introduce me and the dish that I’m cooking. The rest of it is pretty much ad-libbed and on the fly.

This week, I brought along my new /videographer, Cheri from The Watering Mouth, a local food blogger who comes once a week and helps me shoot and edit video for Steamy Kitchen.

We arrive an hour early, prep the dish and I plan the segment in my head. I think rather than describe in detail everything that goes on, I’ll wait until the next time I’m at the studio and I’ll shoot behind the scenes footage of what goes on. It’s much more interesting to see it in action than to read about it!

Once the crew starts taping, I sit on the sidelines until it’s my turn. Here they are taping a bridal fashion segment. Look at ll those lights!

That morning, I made Seafood Spring Rolls (recipe coming soon!) and of course I had to save some for my Tampa bestie, Jeff Houck, who works in the same building.

He reminded me that it’s our 5-year anniversary of the Asian Market Trip where we shop for pork uterus. I kid you not.