Valentine’s Day – that special time of year when love is in the air! During this time, the quest for the perfect gift becomes a mission of love. Sure, you could buy the usual Valentine’s Day gift baskets from the usual large corporations, give your loved one another gift card (to add to their pile), or go with grocery store treats… OR!

You could get decadent chocolates, chocolate chunk cookies, and heart-shaped cookies delivered directly to your door AND support small businesses!

In fact, we’ve done the work for you this year. In honor of February 14th, we dove deep to find you 14 of the best deliverable sweet treats from sellers who pour their hearts into creating something unforgettable. From breakable hearts filled with candy delights to personalized chocolate boxes, this special menu of Valentine’s Day goodies is sure to be truly memorable, both for you and the business you support. 

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Valentine's Day deliverable boxed treat

It’s the perfect time and perfect way to show your love, whether that’s to your sweetheart or close circle of friends and family. This year, let’s make a romantic gesture that goes beyond the conventional and opt for unique Valentine’s Day delights that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweetheart’s sweet tooth.


Breakable Valentines Hearts – SassyLittleSouthern

Breakable Valentines Hearts

Photo: SassyLittleSouthern

Imagine the thrill of cracking open a gourmet Ghirardelli chocolate heart to discover a trove of candy delights hidden inside! SassyLittleSouthern’s breakable Valentine’s hearts are quite an experience, and they come complete with a wooden mallet for that satisfying whack! Whether you’re vegan or a chocolate purist, they’ve got you covered. It blends the fun of a candy bomb with the elegance of fine chocolate, and is a perfect V-day gift when you want a deliciously dramatic reveal. 

Smash your way into a sweet surprise with this breakable heart.

Purple & Pink Valentine’s Day Cakesicle Set – OnceUponASweetShoppe

Purple & Pink Valentine's Day Cakesicle Set

Photo: OnceUponASweetShoppe

Step into a fairy tale with OnceUponASweetShoppe’s purple and pink Valentine’s Day cakesicle set. This enchanting assortment includes four cakesicles and two edible cookie dough hearts. This set  is absolutely beautiful and delicious, and the treats will add a touch of magic to your special day. Who doesn’t love desserts that are also handcrafted masterpieces?

Discover the magic of cakesicles here.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels – customtreatsco

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Photo: customtreatsco

For those who believe the best desserts blend sweet with a hint of salt, customtreatsco’s jumbo-sized chocolate-covered pretzels are a dream come true. Draped in layers of white and milk chocolate, each pretzel strikes the perfect balance between flavors. A perfect addition to an elegant dinner treat AND a delicious snack for a cozy date night at home? The sheer versatility!

Indulge in these gourmet pretzels here.

Raspberry Macarons – luvlylittlethings

Raspberry Macarons

Photo: luvlylittlethings

Luvlylittlethings’ raspberry macarons are a love letter written in the language of pastry: fresh, soft, and sweet raspberry buttercream (made from real raspberries) with a heart of raspberry jam. (Friggin’ YUM!) Sprinkled with freeze-dried raspberries and devoid of artificial coloring, these macarons are the next best thing to a Parisian Valentine’s Day. 

Taste the perfection here.

Personalized Chocolate Box – DiamondChocolates

Personalized Chocolate Box

Photo: DiamondChocolates

For those looking to personalize their expressions of love this Valentine’s Day, DiamondChocolates offers the perfect gift: a range of assorted chocolates that can be tailored to convey messages from sweet and sappy to humorously spicy. (Some are in fact so spicy, we can’t show them to you, so be sure to click the link and visit their shop!) These chocolates cater to every palate and personality. Whether your boo likes milk, white, or dark chocolate, they’ll love these yummy gifts contained in beautifully boxes.

Personalize your chocolate box here.

Hot Cocoa Bombs – BunnyBombs2021

Hot Cocoa Bombs

Photo: BunnyBombs2021

Warm up your hunny with BunnyBombs2021’s gorgeous heart-shaped hot cocoa bombs. Packed with cocoa, marshmallows, and sprinkles, they’re available in flavors like milk chocolate, white chocolate, strawberries and creme, and chocolate strawberry, and are arguable the best way to add a burst of warmth and flavor to your celebration. 

Warm up your Valentine’s Day and find them here.

Valentine’s Day Cookie Box – MoniquesBakehouse

Valentine's Day Cookie Box

Photo: MoniquesBakehouse

MoniquesBakehouse’s Valentine’s Day Cookie Box offers a blend of chewy centers and perfectly crisp edges. Available in boxes of six or nine, these assorted cookies are an amazingly delicious shareable treat for your loved ones. Whether you’re looking to sweeten up a family members’ day or send a gift box to your bestie, these cookies are a great way to spread the love. 

Dive into the deliciousness here.

Here’s My Heart Sugar Cookies – SouthMainCookies

Here's My Heart Sugar Cookies

Photo: SouthMainCookies

As far as romantic gestures go, almost nothing says “I’m thinking of you” quite like a dozen sugar cookies from SouthMainCookies, especially when they each feature this adorable design. C’mon, look at them! They’re practically little edible love notes! If you’re on the hunt for a V-day gift that’s both unique and delicious, you (and your beloved) are truly going to love these.

Present your heart in the sweetest way possible right here.

Valentine’s Day Dog Paw Shaped Barkuterie Board – TheSocialDawg

Valentine's Day Dog Paw Shaped Barkuterie Board

Photo: TheSocialDawg

Who says Valentine’s Day is only for humans? TheSocialDawg has crafted the perfect gift for your furry, four-legged Valentine with this uber-cute dog paw-shaped barkuterie board. (I can’t get over the name. I love it too much!) 
These high-quality, organic, and Valentine-themed treats for your pup are presented on a hand-made, reusable bamboo board. The treats are dehydrated, so they don’t need refrigeration, making them a great option for spoiling your special little valentines.

Show your pet some love here.

Galentine Hearts Sugar Cookies – RollininDoughFL

Galentine Hearts Sugar Cookies

Photo: RollininDoughFL

What better way to send love to your besties this Galentine’s Day than with a batch of empowering heart-shaped sugar cookies from RollininDoughFL? Inspired by the classic worded Valentine’s treats, these little cookies are perfect for celebrating the ladies in your life. Whether your shopping for a best friend, sister, or mentor, these cookies are an easy way to show your appreciation.

Send some Galentine love here.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries – SweetToothSpot

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Photo: SweetToothSpot

For a classic Valentine’s Day treat with a twist, dive into a box of SweetToothSpot’s chocolate-covered strawberries. From glittery blues and reds to playful ice cream cone decorations, these strawberries are simply STUNNINGGGG, and also delicious to eat. This beautiful arrangement is what you order when you truly want to impress someone.

Choose your favorite style here.

Valentines Day Candy Gift Box – SugarPlumChocolates

Valentines Day Candy Gift Box

Photo: SugarPlumChocolates

If your beloved loves variety (who doesn’t, right?), then you’re going to want to get then assortment of sweets, and SugarPlumChocolates’ Valentine’s Day Candy Gift Box is your golden ticket this year! This cornucopia of love is filled with everything from peach heart candy and cherry gummy balls to decadently decorated pretzels and chocolate-covered sandwich cookies. It’s an indecisive’s dream, wrapped up in premium handmade milk chocolate goodness. 

Fall head over heels for this candy collection here.

Happy Valentine’s Fudgy Brownie Cake – NYCookiesByVictoria

Happy Valentine's Fudgy Brownie Cake

Photo: NYCookiesByVictoria

For all my chocolate lovers out there, NYCookiesByVictoria’s fudgy brownie cake is like a love potion in dessert form. Made with high-quality ingredients and topped with a delectable chocolate ganache, it’s the epitome of indulgence, and BOLD statement piece this holiday. Bonus: You can even add a personalized message to make this treat truly special.

Order that touch of chocolatey perfection here.

Artisan Belgian Chocolate Valentine’s Day Bonbons – LaughingPandaCandy

Artisan Belgian Chocolate Valentine's Day Bonbons

Photo: LaughingPandaCandy

LaughingPandaCandy’s artisan Belgian chocolate Valentine’s Day bonbons are giving us LIFE this holiday. These hand-painted beauties are not just a feast for the eyes, they’re also filled with exquisite flavors like mint, raspberry, hazelnut, and ruby chocolate ganache. With options ranging from spiny cinnamon to passionfruit, every piece is probably going to illicit some auditory reaction from your sweetheart. They’re truly that good.

Indulge in the art of chocolate here.


Valentine's box of cookies and coffee

It’s time to wrap up this compilation of small business Valentine’s Day treat deliverables. Every unique treat we’ve explored offers more than just a taste of sweetness, but a connection to the artisans and dreamers who bring these creations to life. By choosing these special gifts for the big day, you’re supporting the passion and perseverance of small businesses. This holiday (and heck, every day of the year), let’s spread love in all directions! Life’s too short not to.

Is there a small business that you know makes killer Valentine’s Day treats? We’d love to hear about them! Leave their info in the comments for others to find. 

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is filled with love and sweetness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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