Gio's Pizza Photo

Today I spent a half hour at one of my kids’ favorite Italian restaurants called Gio’s. It’s run by four of the hottest brothers in town. Like SERIOUSLY HOT. All of them. But that’s not the reason why we went there. I write a monthly column for a small community paper and listed some of my favorite eateries in town. Gio’s was one of them, because my kids’ like their pizza. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the hotness factor of four brothers.

Anyways, it took about 10 minutes of click-click-click to get the perfect food photography shot.

Wait. It was more like click-repositiontomato-click-drizzleoliveoil-click-morecheese-click – food photography interspersed with food styling. By the way, I scheduled the photoshoot appointment with the Gio brothers when the restaurant was empty. Don’t ever be rude and try to do this in midst of your dinner and every one else’s dinner.

I’ve created a nifty slideshow with commentary on the food styling and photography. See how I got from this:

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Food Photo #1


to the money shot in 10 minutes. <– clicky right there for slideshow
If that link to the Food Styling and Food Photography Slideshow didn’t work – let me know? I’m using Lightroom and it’s a new program for me.


Food Styling Notes

Yes, so this was a 10 minute photoshoot. I didn’t have to make the pizza, nor did I have to slice any of the ingredients, but just a few adjustments to ingredients and placement …well the RIGHT ingredients totally transformed this photo. Just quick food styling.

It needed texture, contrast, and sheen. It needed spices (black pepper) and herbs (basil) so that YOU could look at the photo and instantly imagine how it tastes. The texture came from overlapping the tomato and the mozz. More texture came from the basil – both whole leaves and julienned. See how the basil drapes over the ingredients? In a photo that close (macro) the black pepper and grated parm added nubs of texture too. Olive oil added the sheen and moist factor. I took away distracting elements (pizza pan and the pedestal stand)

My food photography lighting? Free. Came from the big window. I just chose a table right next to the window. Can you tell where the window is?

Well, I hope you enjoy the food styling and food photography notes that I take – I know I get lots of emails from readers asking for more information on food styling and photography! What do you think…is this helpful?

Steamy Kitchen New Web Design

Oh, do you like the new design? Long story short – traffic too high for current shared hosting server. Had to move asap. WordPress theme didn’t work on new server. Needed to customize new theme in 24 hours.


I still have a lot of work to do – but at least it’s functional. And yeah, I know my thumbnails are not there….it has to do with my photos being hosted at Flickr and not on my hosting server. If I had one advice to give to beginner bloggers – DO NOT LET FLICKR HOST YOUR PHOTOS. I swear, it’s a pain in the ass.

p.s. Flickr, I’m sorry. I love you. Please don’t be mad. You still have all my food and family photos stored there at your house, so don’t be pissed off and do something stupid like throw my photos out the window. I didn’t mean what I wrote.



Food Styling and Photography Gear

I’ll probably write an entire post about my gear…my ghetto gear and my not-so-ghetto-gear. You interested?

Here’s what I used today:

Canon 40D + 24-70mm f/2.8L lens

Ouch. I know…..pricey! You can get the EXACT same photo with this setup:

Rebel XT + 50mm 1.8mm lens

Don’t go for gucci pricey stuff unless you’re A) filthy rich B) have a sugar daddy or C) insane like me