The great thing about living near a farm store is that I no longer need to have baby fowl delivered via postal service. The bad thing about living near a farm store is that I just cannot stay away.

Last week, the kids and I snuck over there while Scott was out of town and brought this little guy home. His name is Nibbles and he’s a Khaki Campbell duck.




Khaki Campbells are known for their egg-laying ability – even surpassing some of the best chickens! I read that they can lay an average of 320 eggs a year. Have you ever tried a duck egg? I can’t wait.

She’s still an itty-bitty little thing.

Actually, I don’t know whether Nibbles is a girl or boy. We’ll find out in 6 months! (Yes, there’s a way to determine the sex of a duckling, but it involves pinching and prodding duckee parts that I’d rather just leave alone.)

If you haven’t yet seen this little video of Nibbles learning how to waddle:

Nibbles stays under the protection of her big sisters (again, I’m just guessing that they are girls) – she tries to keep up with them! Watch Scarface learn how to swim – the hard way!

A few days ago, I put out a little tub of water for them to play in. You have to wait a couple of weeks before letting newborn ducklings swim – they have no feathers  yet, and can get sick (or drown) if you let them play in water too soon. Scarface and Duckee Momo have GROWN SO FAST!!! In just 2 weeks they went from fitting in the palm of your hand to now being able to be carried under your arm.

Here’s the ducks’ first time in water & and update on our 10 hens: