David Beckham

Sometimes, I feel like life isn’t fair.

and then…I play with Photoshop. All of the sudden, all is right in the world again.

Except there is way too much space btw his head and mine.

David Beckham

Well, it turns out that I’m not only one degree from Justin Timberlake, but get this. I’m ONE DEGREE FROM DAVID BECKHAM.

See that lucky girl above? NO, not me, the one in the first photo. That’s Tina. She owns Epicurean Culinary School in Los Angeles. Becks was at her school. Now, I don’t remember if he was there taking a class, shooting a commercial or just making out with Tina in the back room, but he was there at the school.

And I too will be there next month teaching 2 classes! All you Los Angelitos – I want to meet you!

Both classes are small, intimate, hands-on cooking classes. Meaning, I teach you how to cook in Epicurean’s studio kitchen. Each class holds 15, so if you’d like to participate, give the school a call and reserve your spot. Last December when I taught two classes, both were sold out. By the way, if you took the December classes, these new classes are entirely different menus.

Oh, and one more thing…I’m teaching the Southeast Asian II class with Rasa Malaysia!

Class Schedule

Epicurean Culinary Academy – 2 blocks away from the Beverly Center
Epicurean School of Culinary Arts
8500 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 659-5990

April 17: Asian Party Food: Great dishes for easy summertime entertaining
Vietnamese Fresh Summer Rolls with Cashew Nut Dipping Sauce

Minced Chicken in Cool Lettuce Cups with Crispy Noodles
Korean Bulgogi Spiced Burger Bar
Fresh Lemongrass Ginger Ale

April 19: Southeast Asian II
Lemongrass Chicken & Coconut Soup
Malaysian Chili Shrimp
Vietnamese Fragrant Crispy Chicken Wings

Vegetable Pad Thai

okokokok! so, I’ve got a new food photography feature to share with you…basically I’m sharing some of food porn secrets!….

Citrus Soy Kampachi with Soba Noodles

Citrus Soy Kampachi with Soba Noodles

(click above photo for the series of photos that didn’t make the cut…plus my commentaries for each)

Recipe to come soon…and OMG, it comes with a contest for Steamy Kitchen readers!!! Ever hear of Kampachi fish from Kona Blue?

3 lucky winners.
sent overnight, fresh fillets.
rich, buttery, clean.

Nice haiku, eh?! Ok, but the contest is for another post…sooooon, I promise.

Crawl inside my head

I’ve been working really hard on food photography for the cookbook – teaching myself how to capture luscious food pics while still keeping the food fresh and edible (i.e. this is our dinner) So, I thought I’d begin sharing some more of my photography – not just the nice, pretty, perfect shots – but rather the not-so perfect ones leading up to the money shot. If you’re interested in food photography, then maybe you’ll learn from some of my mistakes and thought process. I’m no pro at photography, I barely understand my camera functions outside of “auto.” But, I’ve learned that half of getting a great shot is equipment. The other half (the cheaper half) is styling and composition. While many of the shots look good, one thing I’m learning about cookbook photography is that good isn’t perfect. If you want people to spend $25 to buy a cookbook, it better be awe-inspiring!

If I’m just shooting for the blog, I’m not as OCD about the photo – and it really only takes 3-5 minutes to throw the plate on the table and snap! snap! snap! a few photos. I get a few different angles and then done. We eat. So, please don’t think that I took hours to do the photoshoot – I pretty much do exactly what you all bloggers do…my family is hungrily waiting at the table while I’m quickly capturing a shot…hoping that at least 1 is the money shot!

I think though, if I could give one piece of advice for “hurry up take the damn picture because we’re hungry and we want to eat,” it’s this: as you are cooking, think about how you want the dish to look in the photo. For this photo, while the noodles were boiling and the fish was pan-frying, I knew that I wanted the fish to sit on top of a nest of noodles. A lemon garnish added that splash of color and height that the dish needed. I did all my mental prep work in the kitchen.

It takes quite a bit of time putting these slideshows and commentaries together, but I hope you find it worth looking through! I’ll be doing these photography montages often.

Heeere we go!