My cookbook editor, Holly, is flying down to Florida and spending the entire day/eve with me tomorrow! I”m really looking forward to meeting her in person, since we’ve been working closely together for the past few months.

We’ll be spending the day cooking, testing, photographing, editing (ugh) and feasting!

As you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time honing my food photography skills, and I just learnd from David Lebovtiz that professional food photographers can make about $1,000 per shot! Of course, that fee includes a professionally equipped photo studio with expensive lights, a gazillion props and backgrounds, photographer’s assistants, catered lunch and food stylists.

Sadly, I do not have Food Fluffers.

And my studio is pretty ghetto:

My ghetto photo studio

no catered lunch either…I just eat the set.

If you’re curious, the reason my ottoman is scarred…it’s because one day I was too lazy to lug out the ironing board. And I only had to iron in big-ass wrinkle out of my dress. So I used the ottoman.

Let’s just say that the extra $100 spent having all furniture sprayed with Scotch-Guard stain resistant spray burns quite easily. (yes, i know. grammer sux. my subject-modifier thingy is all wrong. Too busy to fix)

and another shot…

Since I’m getting wonderful natural light, I don’t use my Ego lights spare bedroom studio unless I’m shooting at night.

Photo Studio

(if you have a Flickr account, you can click above photo for larger shot)

I think I need some basketweaving lessons:


But I very much want a Food Fluffer!!! 🙂 This is a Steamy Kitchen, after all!

hee hee – I said “fluffer!!!”


Show me yours!

So now that I’ve shown you mine, I want to see yours! Some of you already have shown me yours in a previous post (just add to the links below) Take a photo of where all your food photography magic happens whether it’s fancy-professional, ghetto like mine or just the kitchen table and link to it here. Or, just comment below and tell me about it!


A note to my recipe testers

We’re almost ready to start…look for an email from me in the next couple of days!