This is a Bissell SpotClean Professional Carpet Cleaner Review (model 3624), including both PROs and CONs after testing with a new puppy. Jaden

BISSELL’s most powerful portable spot cleaner!

SpotClean Pro is a powerful and compact, portable carpet cleaner that gives you a professional-level clean. It uses powerful suction, special cleaning solution and a scrubbing action to remove stubborn dirt and tough stains from areas in your home or car where it may be hard to bring in a full-size carpet cleaner. We designed this carpet spot cleaner with a large-capacity tank that holds ¾ gallon of cleaning solution, so you can clean more area without having to refill the tank as often. SpotClean Pro also comes with a 5-foot hose and 22-foot power cord, so it’s easy to use this portable carpet cleaner as a stain remover on carpet, upholstery, area rugs, car interiors, stairs, and more. Just like a professional carpet cleaner can, SpotClean Pro removes stains like wine, tea, coffee, urine, mud, blood, and vomit. Plus, it comes with a trial-sized bottle of BISSELL Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, a tough stain tool and a stair tool. 

  • BISSELL’s most powerful portable carpet cleaner uses powerful suction to remove stains, spots and stubborn dirt in tricky spots around your home and car.
  • Works to remove stains from area rugs, upholstery, car interiors, carpet, stairs, and more.
  • Tackle tough stains in hard-to-reach areas with a 22-foot power cord, 5-foot hose and large, ¾ gallon solution tank.
  • Includes: 3” Tough Stain Tool, 6” Stair Tool and a trial-size bottle of our Professional Deep Cleaning Formula.
  • Comes with a 2 Year Limited Warranty

Bissell SpotClean Pro Carpet Cleaner Review (model 3624)

Prior to moving to my new home, I owned a Bissell SpotBot Carpet Cleaner (similar model to this one that I’m reviewing, but hands-free unit). We had 2 messy dogs, one of which had frequent accidents when too excited. It worked really well, cleaning up the messes without me having to get on my hands and knees to blot, spray, scrub, repeat.  

I must have mistakenly put the Bissell SpotBot in the donation pile when moving, so I purchased the Bissell SpotClean Pro off Amazon a couple weeks ago. This is a different model than the SpotBOT. 

Difference between Bissell SpotClean Pro vs. SpotBot

It’s confusing! Especially since they kind of look similar. The SpotBot is hands-free operation. The brushhead and vacuum is at the bottom of the unit. Just set the unit on the stain, and turn it on. A few minutes later come back and put it away. The SpotBot also features a hand-held brush to clean hard-to-reach places.

The SpotClean Pro is only hand-held brush and vacuum. You have to manually go back and forth over the stain to clean. 

SpotClean Pro’s Sweet Spot

In addition to cleaning up messes on the carpet, the Bissell SpotClean Pro allows you to clean furniture with its 5-foot flexible hose. 

We recruited our new puppy, Duke, to help us with our first test of the Bissell SpotClean Pro. This is a brand new rug. Like 30 seconds brand new….I had just unwrapped it and laid it out on the floor. Duke thought it was the perfect place to pee-pee.

I filled up the water tank and added 2 ounces of concetrated carpet cleaner.

A button dispenses the soapy liquid as I need. The powerful vacuum sucks up the liquid and soap as I scrub. 

After a few passes, I collected the dirty water. Not bad at all – the rug was brand new, so I’m assuming the dirty water was Duke’s mess.

Disposing the dirty water was easy. Just dump in the toilet. 

The Bissell SpotClean Pro is a compact carpet cleaner. It’s easy to hold and transport. 

In conclusion – I miss my old SpotBot’s hands-free operation. If most of your messes are on the carpet, I’d recommend the SpotBot. If you need something more powerful – the SpotClean Pro is perfect for you. 

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