We’re giving away a $100 Walmart Gift Card! You can spend your gift card either in store or online. Use it to buy groceries, homeware, kitchen equipment or something else entirely! Thank you for your ongoing support! – Jaden

About Steamy Kitchen Giveaway Prizes 

  1. From companies who want reviews of their product: For example, ZGrills gave us a wood pellet smoker to review, and one to give away. We do NOT accept any money for the review, which allows us to give both PROs and CONs of a product. Sometimes, if there are more CONs than PROs….I don’t publish the review at all. 
  2. From Steamy Kitchen! I love having a sustainable business that allows us to fund giveaways to our readers. I find my very favorite products and of course, stuff you all like, and offer a giveaway. We make our money through advertising on the site (I know, those ads are soooo annoying sometimes, but that’s how our business is run. I run this biz myself, with the help of 2 part time assistants. 
  3. From paid sponsors: I rarely, rarely do this. In all honesty, working for sponsors is such a pain in the butt! Haha! I think maybe twice a year, I’ll offer a giveaway from a paid sponsor. But, rest assured, we never, ever give away your email address or any info to a sponsor. They basically pay Steamy Kitchen to feature a specific product. 

That’s it! Thats where all the prizes come from. 

Oh, I forgot an important part of our Steamy Kitchen giveaways….Duke! Duke is my 8-month old lab puppy. He’s always at my feet while I work, so we named the giveaways after him!

Duke this morning on our walk:

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