David Lebovitz, Deb Perelman and I shot this GoodBite.com video about Birthday Cakes to Die For last month, and I think I’m going change the title to Birthday Cakes to Live For because that’s the point of a birthday, isn’t it?!

And it just so happens that my birthday is tomorrow, and if I could have just one silly birthday wish, it would be a homemade birthday cake. Actually I wouldn’t mind one of each of these:

Birthday Cakes To Live For Roundtable

Barefoot Contessa’s Strawberry Country Cake

Last month, Andrew and Nathan ina-garten-country-cake made the same cake for Andrew’s own 6th birthday, except the little boys they requested fluffy marshmallows stuffed inside the cake! The boys insisted that THEY bake the cake and assigned me role of videographer.

But watch as Chef David of Forking Delicious shows you the grown up version of Barefoot Contessa’s Strawberry Country Cake.