Steamy Kitchen Update 2/22/20

omg….that TONGUE!!!

Hello friends!

It’s allergy season again for me. Every year, it hits me super hard in the beginning, and I’m a snifflin’ mess. That’s why there’s no video this week! I tried, I really did, but with my hoarse, gravelly voice like Marge Simpsons’ sisters (yes, the cartoon), I soundded like I just growling and grumbling the entire time on camera.

I discovered some two food products this week:

Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas

I’m “trying” to eat less bread and pasta. The key word is “trying.” I’m like Cookie Monster in front of bread. num.num.num.num.BREAD!!!!

Instead of croutons, I’ve been enjoying The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas with Sea Salt (Amazon, 18oz bag for $9.98). They are crunchy, nutty, crispy and better for you than croutons. Chickpeas are garbanzo beans.

You can make your own! Hey….I know someone with a recipe for that….me! Start with a can of garbanzo beans. Here’s the Roasted Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans recipe.

Loma Linda Chipotle Bowl

I’m athletic(ish) and I love meat. After watching the documentary “Game Changers” on Netflix, about vegan professional athletes, I have been very conscious about how much meat I’m consuming.

I don’t think I can ever give up my grilled ribeye steaks served with a splat of garlic/herb butter, or 8-hour smoked pork butt slathered in tangy bbq sauce. BUT I can eat a lot less meat. Well, honestly, I should eat a lot less PERIOD.

So…I found Loma Linda Chipotle Bowl (package of 6 on Amazon for $20 – which is totally worth it because each package will feed 2, unless you’re piggy Jaden and eat the whole thing by yourself). It’s spicy. Corn, black beans, something that tastes and looks like chicken but it’s not. Shelf-stable product – keep in pantry and heat it up for 60 seconds. Great for camping, RV’ing, snacking, quick meal. I had it inside a tortilla with all taco fixings and the next day mixed in a salad.

pssst….I found both products at Costco, so if you’re a member, pick those two products up there!

Jaden and Dukey-boy

p.s. My new online store! It’s close. Not quite ready. We’ll be selling really pretty jewelry!