This one is for all of you dog lovers ! I know there are tons of dog owners within the Steamy Kitchen Family and we wanted to send some love to your furry friends! 

We are giving away a 6 MONTH subscription to BarkBox

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that provides dog products, services, and experiences!  It is a fun way to give a monthly surprise to your dogs. 


These boxes have treats, toys and goodies for you furry family! 

I know our dogs become our best friends, and I thought this is such a fun way to give them some love. 


How BarkBox Works 

  1. Subscribe, starting at $22/box. 
  2. Your first box ships immediately – including free shipping in 48 states! 
  3. Your month long dog party begins! 
  4. You can click here to get your own box! 

BarkBox has over 600,000 members and over 2 million dogs served! 

What I find super special is that BarkBox has monthly themes, ensuring that your dog never receives the same items. Themes include safari, cowboy,NYC, holidays. How cute is that ?


You will be asked exactly about your dogs size, preferences, gender and more in a simple questionnaire. This will ensure your dog is receiving exactly what he or she loves! 

Subscriptions are available as: 

12 Month Subscription $22/ box 

6 Month Subscription $25 / box 

or Monthly Subscriptions $35/ box 

and include free shipping in the USA. 




Duke is patiently waiting for his own box! As you can see below, HAHA! 


BarkBox Subscription Giveaway

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