After testing out the Drinkmate, here is our review! Plus, you can enter the giveaway at the end to win your very own carbonated drink maker!

DrinkMate Carbonated Drink Maker Review

The DrinkMate can be used to carbonate any drink you want (as long as there is no pulp), which makes it so easy to live healthier and more environmentally friendly! 

  • Comes with 3 oz (10 L) starter CO2 carbonator so you can start carbonating immediately!  Uses 60L CO2 carbonator cylinders from Drinkmate or SodaStream (not included)
  • Comes with the Drinkmate machine, 1 BPA-free 1 Liter reusable carbonating bottle, and Fizz Infuser
  • Small and compact so you can save counter space: measures 8” L x 5” W x 16” H
  • Easy to operate, easy to clean – no electricity or batteries required
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Available in 3 decorative finishes to match your decor

Drinkmate is the best beverage carbonator that you can get because it does not only add fizz to water, but it can add fizz to anything!

Drinkmate uses this little blue button called the “fizz infuser” that lets the pressure inside of the bottle to be released slowly before you open it. That way there is no fizzy explosion in the kitchen when the cap is unscrewed. 

The other thing I love about this product is that it can be used to carbonate virtually any beverage. I chose to carbonate water and mix in a strawberry puree, yum! 

Another beverage that I love to make with the Drinkmate is sparkling wine, so good! Drinkmate can also be used to make an array of cocktails. It’s sooo much fun to get creative and make your own mixed drinks too!

The Drinkmate is so simple and easy to use, plus, let’s be honest, it’s just fun to carbonate all of the different drinks that are in the house! I am always looking for fun new ways to occupy my time at home and the Drinkmate has definitely become one of those fun activities.

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