Hello! I’m Kamila and I’m the co-founder of Oishya, formerly known as Japana, a company offering handmade, high quality kitchenware for home cooks. We are really excited to run a giveaway contest with Jaden and let you fall in love with our knives so cooking these delicious Steamy Kitchen recipes is even a bigger pleasure. Let the best win! 🙂 

Oishya was a company created so everyone can enjoy and appreciate having hand-crafted Japanese cutlery in their kitchens. Their beautiful knives are inspired by love and passion for Japanese aesthetics and culture.

After using the SAKAI KYUBA X OISHYA knife set for 3 weeks, here is our review! -Jaden

Oishya Knife Review

Most of the items in my kitchen are highly functional. I not only cook our daily family meals, but I am also creating and testing recipes on a almost-daily basis. Pots, utensils, spatulas and bowls have to withstand hundreds of hours of use. 

Sometimes, I indulge and get pretty things for the kitchen. Pretty things are rarely functional. 

Oishya knives are the exception. 

japana knife review

Forged by Japanese blade masters

These handcrafted Japanese knives are not only beautiful, but they are forged and hand-polished in Japan by master swordsmen. These particular knives are created by one of the most famous blade masters in Sakai, Osaka.

The Oishya blades are the sharpest kitchen knives I’ve ever used. For the past 3 weeks, I’ve used them hard. Switching between dicing through 5 pounds of potato, to mincing a Costco-sized tub of garlic and cutting up whole chickens, the knives stayed sharp, even without sharpening or honing.

Each blade is made from premium, stainless Japanese Damascus 46-layer steel for a super sharp performance.

Oishya handles are a work of art

The Oishya knives feature an octagonal handle made of stabilized Italian maple wood. No two handle patterns are the same, guaranteeing you a unique piece of craftsmanship.

The Oishya knives are each perfectly balanced and weighted so you can chop, slice, and dice anything in your kitchen!

Sakai Kyuba X Oishya Knife Set

The knife set that I received to test is called the Sakai Kyuba X. The 3-piece set is sold for around $1,000.

Sakai Kyuba X Oishya kitchen knife set was made for home cooks to make cooking a more meaningful occasion. Using these wonderful knives in the kitchen is a unique experience because they are each hand crafted and unique.

  • Chef’s knife (Gyuto 210mm / 8.5in) – a versatile all-rounder slicing knife that no chef can live without;
  • Vegetable / fruit knife (Nakiri 160mm / 7in) – thin and sharp, perfect for chopping and dicing vegetables;
  • Utility knife (Petty 150mm / 5in) – extra nimble to tackle the smaller, more intricate chores like peeling or carving.