Forget going to a restaurant, Mr.Steak brings you the most delicious meats right to your door step! We tried one of Mr. Steak’s curated boxes and here’s our review. 

mr steak review

About Mr. Steak


Our steaks are all sourced from ranches within a 250 miles radius Omaha, Nebraska, a region known as “The Napa Valley of Beef.” Our beef is pasture-raised and finished on grain to produce the highest quality levels of marbling. This ensures both tenderness and a distinctive, rich buttery flavor. 

We feature USDA Prime beef, which is the top 2-3% of all beef in the nation. Each steak is hand-selected for marbling, texture, and tenderness before being aged in house and shipped to your door. All of our ranchers are committed to the most humane and ethical practices in the industry, many are multi-generational families, and some grow their own crops for their cattle right on the ranch.

All of our steaks are from the same local ranches that supply many of the finest steakhouses in America. I hope our bold, deeply flavorful and supremely tender steaks will elevate your cooking experience so that “You Too can be Mr. Steak.”

Mr. Steak Review

mr steak review - big boys bone in box

We chose to review the “Big Boy’s Bone-In” box: 

  • 2 xBone-In Ribeye – 20oz
  • 1 × Cowboy Steak – 32oz
  • 2 × Bone-In Kansas City Strip – 20oz
  • 2 × T-Bone – 18oz

The packaging is completely recyclable and the lining is biodegradable. 

Tonight, we’re cooking the Bone-in Kansas City Strip and the 32oz Cowboy Steak…YES 32 OUNCES!!!

mr steak review kansas city strip and cowboy

With meat of this quality, all you need is a simple seasoning blend of salt, pepper and a touch of garlic powder. No marinades.

season steaks with salt and pepper

Included in the box is a recipe for the Mr. Steak Magic Sauce, which is butter, garlic, grated parmesan and a little bit of truffle olive oil. I added in some freshly minced herbs from the garden. This is what we’ll use to brush on the steaks to finish.

mr steak magic sauce - parmesan butter garlic herbs truffle oil

I also threw on some russet potatoes (I threw the potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes to give them a head start. Then rubbed olive oil, heavily sprinkled on salt, threw them on the grill for 45 minutes or so). 

grilling mr steak

OH. MY. 

grilling mr steak with potatoes

Poor Duke. He was so patient, and so good while I took photos.

cutting into the ribeye from mr steak

Superb. Excellent even marbling throughout. So much beefy flavor. Hands down the best steak we’ve had all year long.

mr steak review

mr steak review - kansas city strip

mr steak review       

Why buy from Mr. Steak?

I can’t remember the last time I stepped foot in a fancy steakhouse. I think it was last December. While I love the experience and ambiance of a high end steakhouse, it’s an expensive affair. Half the time, my boyfriend and I will whisper to each other, “our steaks at home are better than this!”

In addition, with the pandemic, restaurant closures, just the “unknowns” of eating out, we’ve gotten *really* good at grilling steaks at home with our wood pellet grill

With Mr. Steak, you can get the exact same quality meats as the fancy restaurants. Mr.Steak can send you USDA Prime beef (top 2-3% of all beef) Each steak is hand-selected for marbling, texture, and tenderness before being aged in-house and shipped to your door.

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