We are giving away $10 gift cards to Macy’s to ten lucky winners! Use this to shop for new clothes, gadgets and your favorite home goods, online or in person!


We will have ten winners to win a mini shopping spree on us at Macy’s! 

Spin for your chance to win! 


Important Instant Win Notes: 

We are trying our best to make your experience in the instant wins the BEST possible! We hear your concerns and are working for an awesome solution for you to keep enjoying your spinning fun!

  1. Our instant wins are not designed for daily entries, so in order to give you your daily spin you have to do the daily actions to “earn” the daily entries! You will find the daily actions below the spinning wheel.
  2. If that is not working – open an incognito browser to try that or in a different browser (i.e. chrome or safari or firefox).
  3. If you are still having problems , leave a comment below so we can see what you are experiencing. 
  4. Thank you so much for your patience and support in our instant win games – we love having instant wins and wanting to get them working the best for you!

Macy’s Instant Win Game

Spin below for your chance to win.