The InstaFizz Personal Carbonating Bottle lets you carbonate anything on the go! Steamy Kitchen is happy to be doing a review and giveaway on this product. It is fun and super simple to use, you’ll love it.

Drinkmate InstaFizz – Portable Sparkling Water and Soda Maker Bottle

  • CARBONATE ANYWHERE – instaFizz can sparkle up to 15.5 oz of your favorite beverage, for healthy hydration on the go. Makes sparkling water, juices, lemonade, tea, coffee, wine; and more! You’re in control with a simple twist to fizz.
  • DURABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY – Stainless steel construction lets you skip using expensive single-use drink bottles and cans. Very simple to use, with a carry ring for convenient handling.
  • RUNS ON 8g CO2 CHARGERS – Buy extra Drinkmate 8g CO2 chargers to be sure of compatibility with the instaFizz! Insert charger into opening at the bottom of the bottle and twist to carbonate. The CO2 chargers are also recyclable.


The InstaFizz by DrinkMate is a small portable water bottle that allows you to carbonate any drink anywhere! I love this fun little bottle for when I want to add a little fizz and flavor to my water throughout the day. It is also perfect for carbonating yummy mixed drinks by the pool.

It is SO simple to use and the kids will love to carbonate their juice and water while out at a restaurant or while running errands. Made of stainless steel, the patented instaFizz is the perfect companion on the road, at the gym, on a hike, in the office, in the classroom; or anywhere you hydrate! It is durable and safe.

Easy to add ice and clean, and easy to carry with its carry-ring. Weighs less than 1 lb, and can carbonate up to 15.5 oz’s of water. Skip the expensive beverages that come in single-use plastic bottles, and create your own carbonated drinks! Make your own sparkling water, juice, lemonade, tea, coffee, or wine; you can even freshen up soda or beer that has gone flat! You’re in control with the twist of a cap.

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InstaFizz Personal Carbonating Bottle Review & Giveaway

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