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I’ll be taping a cooking segment on how to use 3 different spices to to spice up pumpkin seeds. 

– An Ethopian spice called Berbere. We’ll be adding the pumpkin seeds to a beautiful charcuterie board.

– Za’atar is a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern spice blend that we’ll use on toasted flatbread topped with pumpkin seeds for a hummus board.

– Shichimi Togaroshi is a Japanese spice blend. We’ll sprinkle that on pumpkin seeds as a crunchy topping for our Poke Buddha Bowl. 

UH OH. Now I’m doubting myself….did I get this mixed up? Was the Berbere pumpkin seeds for the hummus??? I honestly can’t remember what I had told the producer! 

Our segments are always unscripted, and I normally just “wing it,” which is ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED!

When I first starteding doing live TV segments, I would scribble a few key words on a scrap of paper, taped to something that is hidden from the camera, like:

Pepper (to remind me to talk about best way to chop a bell pepper)
Spicy (give options for people who dislike spicy foods)
Sesame (don’t forget sprinkle on sesame seeds at the end)

I think I’ll need to go back to my paper scrap method. I’m 48 and I’ve noticed that my memory is not quite what it used to be! I hear it doesn’t get better, right??? 

Do you take supplements for memory? 

I’ll do a couple of live streams on FB and Instagram tomorrow early morning, as we prep for the segment! 

Parker and Ryan will be here to handle the lights, microphone and camera. We’d just added Chef Aleksandra to our team who will be helping me prep all of the food.

This frees me up to prepare what I’ll be saying on the segment and of course, write my little notes that I”ll tape to the counter!


Buddha Bowl Fall Promotion STILL GOING! 

Our ceramic artist, Aneela, has just finished another batch of handmade bowls! 

We’re having a big sale – $20 off plus free shipping! These bowls are made one by one, they are gorgeous! Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. 

It’s the perfect size and shape for any one-bowl meals, like a giant salad as a meal, and of course, any Buddha Bowl recipes.

Use code FABFALL for $20 off plus free shipping to US and Canada. We only have 100 bowls at this discount!



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