We are excited to be doing a review and giveaway for the Cube Pillow For Side Sleepers! This pillow is amazing, do not let the odd shape make you think any less. It is perfect for people who are side sleepers or for people who roll from side to side at night.

Pillow Cube Review

Pillow Cube is for side sleepers

  • Gives you the support you need. It is also anti-microbial to keep it nice and fresh.
  • Allows air to flow through to keep it from overheating.
  • While it may not actually be silk (coming soon) the pillow case feels soft to the touch and is easily removed for washing.

The Pillow Cube is the most comfortable and OBVIOUS pillow for side sleepers on the market. Yeah, it’s obvious, your head and shoulder make a square, so the ideal pillow for sleeping on your side should be a cube.

The pillow cube is truly great for side sleepers and people who roll while sleeping (like me). The cube shape prevents you from rolling around throughout the night, so you get a full nights sleep. No more waking up uncomfortable and sweaty!

The Pillow Cube comes in two different sizes: 5 inches, and 6 inches. People with broad shoulders and big noggins will LOVE the 6 inch Pillow Cube, while people with narrower shoulders will prefer the 5 inch Pillow Cube.

Jaden’s Review of the Pillow Cube

I frequently wake up with a store, stiff back, and all this time, I thought it was my mattress. I’ve tried using an expensive pillow top topper, a memory foam topper, and still no relief. Never did I think the culprit was my PILLOW!!!!

I’ve been sleeping with the Pillow Cube for an entire week now. It has made all the difference! It’s an odd shape – and I was so skeptical at first. Actually, you’ll see me unbox the Pillow Cube in the video. 

It’s SOOO comfortable. I can’t describe it. It’s memory foam, but softer. It’s supportive, just the right amount. 

I would highly recommend getting the longer pillow. My only gripe about this pillow is that I have the 12″ version. I tend to move around quite a bit, and a couple of times….”flop” I rolled myself off the pillow! 

The pillow are pricey. But I think there’s a deal going on right now, $40 off two pillows.  -Jaden

Pillow Cube 12″ Pillow For Side Sleepers Review and Giveaway

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