We are excited to be giving away a UV Care Vogue Collection Pocket Sterilizer! Take this convenient and portable wand with you to sanitize wherever you go. PLUS it uses UV technology to disinfect whatever items you wave it over for 30 seconds.

UV Travel Sterilizer-Vogue Edition 

  • ✔ | : After sanitizing different objects you will have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected from germs, bacteria etc. It will not only kills germs but will also keep the objects germ free for a long period of time by minimizing the reproducing of germs or bacteria. Our UV light sanitizer handheld possess EPA certification, and the certification number is EPA Est No is 96737-CHN-1.
  • ✔ : Perfect for sanitizing and sterilizing mobile phones, gadgets, keyboards, door knobs, toys, pacifiers, high chairs, toothbrushes, towels and many more. This ultraviolet device will not harm or damage any object. Just use this and kill germs in a short period of time. This UV germicidal light wand is laboratory tested sterilizer.
  • ✔ & : Disinfectant Light is a Foldable and Portable germ killer all you need is to press the power button for 5 Seconds for it to turn on, it will start working and it also easy to turn it off as Sensor ball is installed inside the sterilizer turns off the lamp light when the lamp is tilted.
  • ✔ | -: Portable UV light sanitizer has safe and elegant design. This UV disinfection sterilizer wand is all safe to operate for us. Batteries are not Included. Provides disinfection and sterilizes objects and surfaces without the use of chemicals
  • ✔ | | -: UV wand travel sanitizer can be used at Home, Car, Salons, Hotels and sterilize things with style and accuracy.

UVCare uses UV technology to kill 99.9% of germs on surfaces and objects that you scan for 30 seconds. Disinfect your keys, makeup brushes, glasses, rings, face masks, watches, credit cards, keyboards–anything really!

It Needs only 30 seconds to kill germs and bacteria; 5 minutes to kill and drive away dust mites. To use simply press “ON/TIMER” button for 5 seconds, set the desired time, and press “START/STOP” button. Then shine light within 1/4 inch of the surface to disinfect for a few seconds. Move the light slowly so it illuminates the area for 2-3 seconds before moving the lamp to the next section to achieve optimal disinfection. Safety switch feature turns the UV-C light off when turned upward. Rattling sound comes from sensor ball inside the sterilizer.

UV Care Vogue Collection Pocket Sterilizer Review and Giveaway

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