Hello Steamy Kitchen family, today we are doing a review and giving away a beautiful Ankarsrum Assistent Original Stand Mixer. An amazing heavy duty stand mixer, great for all types of baking and can handle anything that you need to mix.

I was so excited to try this mixer and do a full review on it! Check out our new recipe for Chinese Sweet Buns recipe from my mom, which we put the Ankarsrum Stand Mixer to good use! 

Ankarsrum Assistent Original Stand Mixer

Complete your kitchen with the amazing, full service Ankarsrum Assistent Original Stand Mixer. Made with a stainless steel and carbon steel design, this shiny stainless steel colored mixer features a powerful and quiet 600 watt motor, as well as chrome plated speed control and timer knobs along the exterior.

The mixer comes with a 7 liter bowl made from high quality stainless steel. It includes attachments such as a dough roller, dough knife, dough scraper, dough hook, dust cover lid, a 3.5 liter Double Beater bowl of BPA/BPS free Tritan plastic, and multi-wire balloon and single-wire cookie whips that make the mixer a one stop destination for all your baking needs.  


The gold standard of mixers for bread baking, the Ankarsrum Assistent Original Stand Mixer was the first Swedish kitchen machine when it was launched in 1940. This uniquely designed machine, mixes dough better than any other residential stand mixer. With its 7 Lt. stainless steel bowl, mixing 12 lbs. of dough is just as easy as mixing 1 lb. of dough.

  • Powerful and quiet 600 watt motor features self adjusting speed control. Includes 12 minute timer and bowl speed control (adjusts from 45 to 130 rpm.)
  • Unique engineering puts the motor in the bottom of the unit. A movable steel arm holds the roller with a separate scraper that simultaneously rolls and kneads dough and batter.
  • Large plastic beater bowl whisks meringue, creams butter and icing and holds up to 18 egg whites.
  • Weighs only 19lbs. with stainless steel bowl and fits conveniently under overhead cabinets on most kitchen counters. Rubber feet and solid construction keep mixer in place during operation.

We used the Ankarsrum mixer to make two versions of Chinese baked buns and they turned out absolutely perfect!

Check out the review video on this page for tips from Jaden and her mom on making Chinese baked buns and see the Ankarsrum mixer in action.

Check out the mixer in action in the video below! 



When done, the compact mixer stores easily in kitchen cabinets or pantry shelves. We love this mixer because it has self-adjusting speed control! It can fold dough for bread, whisk meringue, cream butter, and even hold up to 18 egg whites. 

Read the story behind Jaden’s mom’s Chinese Sweet Buns recipe here and find the recipe so you can make your own! There are two fillings Jaden will show you how to make: a sweet coconut filling and a savory ground beef filling. 

Jaden’s Overall Impression

I was so impressed with the quality of this stand mixer overall! It has a beautiful sleek design and was incredible in the making of dough. I will say it does take some time to get used to, but once you understand how it operates, it makes things effortlessly and with a ton of power! 

Even though stand mixers are an investment, for the home cooks spending a ton of time in the kitchen with baking, making pastas, and other recipes – it is an investment worthwhile! 

You can check out other reviews or to shop your own here or on the website! 


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