Good morning Steamy Kitchen! Today we are giving away the amazing Lasting Freshness containers. We love these containers because they come with a handheld vacuum that seals out the air, preventing food spoilage. Stop throwing away food and start saving money with Lasting Freshness containers!

Lasting Freshness 11 Piece Vacuum Seal Food Storage Container Set

  • 11 PC VACUUM CONTAINERS: Using this handheld vacuum rectangle food storage containers, food is preserved up to 5 times longer. Pack includes (5) locking snap lids; (1) 220ml/ 8oz ; 1) 500ml/ 18 oz; (1) 1.0L/ 1.1 Qt; (1) 2.0L/ 2.1 Qt; (1) 3.3L/ 3.5 Qt; (1) Handheld pump
  • BPA FREE: The BPA free food storage containers are reusable, airtight, and watertight seal, spill-proof even if all four tabs becomes unbuckled. Microwave, dishwasher (lids upper rack, pump hand wash), refrigerator and freezer safe. No battery or electricity needed
  • VACUUM MARINATOR: The round bowl food storage containers BPA free. You can store your food and keep it free from getting stale. Food vacuum storage container reduces freezer burn by preventing food from exposure to cold, dry air. Removable valve and gasket. Quick marinator seal
  • MONEY & FOOD SAVER: Tight vacuum seal containers provides oxygen and moisture barrier limiting the food spoilage. Great for buying or cooking in bulk, portion off for later, store leftovers. Retain freshness and nutritional value of your foods at such an affordable rate

Did You Know We Throw Away Over a Third of the Food We Buy?

Why? Because it goes bad before we can use it. Use Lasting Fresh containers to save vegetables that were cooked at the beginning of the week and are going to be used for the next few meals. Buy leafy greens in bulk and save in these containers so they last for as long as possible. Once you start seeing savings on your grocery bills you can’t imagine storing your food any other way!

Quick Seal Marinator 

Marinate in minutes versus hours. Vacuum sealing opens the pores of food allowing marinades to penetrate more quickly. This saves so much time, its amazing. If you forget to marinate hours before or decide last minute to add a little flavor by marinating, you can! Just put marinade and food in the container, vacuum seal, and let marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Lasting Freshness Vacuum Seal Food Storage System provides unique and affordable food storage solutions that will extend the life of any fresh, frozen, dry or cooked food well beyond its normal life:

  • Keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer
  • Built-in Valve and handheld Pump designed to remove air and moisture
  • Vacuum Seal prevents evaporation of volatile components in food
  • Vacuum Seal provides oxygen and moisture barrier limiting food spoilage
  • Vacuum Seal reduces freezer burn by preventing food from exposure to cold, dry air
  • Vacuum Seal opens the pores of food allowing marinades to penetrate more quickly

Lasting Freshness containers are an investment that will help you save food and money! These containers will also help you keep your refrigerator organized and clean. Tip: Try using food labels to put use by dates on your containers!


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