We are on Spring Into Love Day 5, how are you making out in this series so far? We appreciate all of your comments and feed back and LOVE creating this series of jewelry giveaways for you!

Yesterday we launched our Day 4 Prize, which is a beautiful twist drill bit diamond pendant! You can check out Day 4 here

To read about the story behind this giveaway, read the blog post, We’re Giving Away $9,000+ Beautiful Jewelry!

Get ready to see what we have for you on DAY 5 (p.s the value has gone up by $400 since yesterday!) 

FAQ’s…Because I Know You’re Curious:

  1. Yes, the jewelry is authentic. The original Effy tags with retail prices are on each piece. The Effy jewelry was purchased directly from Sears, one of the largest retailers of genuine authentic Effy jewelry, and we have a receipt from Sears.
  2. Am I really giving away this jewelry? YESSSSS….and I can’t wait to see the happy faces of our winners!
  3. Are you REALLY giving away $167,380.00 worth of jewelry? Ugh, that sounds like a lot of money, doesn’t it? $167,380.00 is the full retail price of all the pieces. I purchased the jewelry at the liquidation prices, so I only spent a small fraction of that.
  4. Why are you giving away the jewelry? I’ve been publishing Steamy Kitchen for FOURTEEN YEARS!!! We’ve hosted giveaways since day one, and started with very small items, like cookbooks and little kitchen doo-dads. Over the years, and especially the past 8 years, we’ve made giveaways/sweepstakes a big part of our business strategy. Our income comes from advertising on the website (I know….everyone hates ads….but it’s what funds the prizes.) Do I think I’ll make my money back from giving away the inventory of jewelry? Probably not….but we do make plenty of money from the rest of the website, and this year has been pretty darn good for us. It seems that Covid has forced everyone to stay home, cook and have a little fun entering sweeps on SteamyKitchen.com. This year has been very good to us, and we’d love to share the good fortune and good prosperity flow.
  5. How do we know if we’ve won? Every single one of our giveaway winners are listed here. We announce new winners each week in our weekly newsletter, and also in a weekly blog post. Many (most) of our winners provide us with a smiling photo that we publish so that you can see real people won real prizes. We email winners directly (make sure you add hello@steamykitchen.com in your contacts, and drag our newsletters out of “promos” folder and into your “inbox” so that you don’t miss our emails!

Introducing our Day 5 Prize! 

About the Silver Diamond Tahitian Pearl Ring 

Where are all the pearl lovers at! Take a peak above at this beautiful black Tahitian ring with beautiful diamond details! With a combination of 0.16 Round Diamonds and the show stopping Tahitian Pearl, this is my favorite ring out of the entire collection! Valued at $1599! 

Details to Know About This Piece

  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Stones:
    • Tahitian Pearl 
    • Round Diamond 0.16

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