Today on Steamy Kitchen we are reviewing and giving away a 3 pack set of Luxear Fresh Containers! These unique multipurpose storage containers will help keep your produce fresh and your refrigerator organized! 

LUXEAR Fresh Fruits and Veggies Containers – 3 Pack 

  • 🍊 Fresh Fridge Containers – LUXEAR fruit container sets come with 18 cup, 6.8 cup and 1.92 cup three of containers. Each of storage containers designed with adjustable vents which can regulate the flow of air in and out, control the humidity inside, help prevent spoilage, keep fruits and vegetables fresh for up to two weeks for maximum freshness.
  • 🍒 Multifunction Design – The fridge container comes with a filterable basket and a partition. The basket can be used as a colander to wash your fruits and vegetables, or to strain out water while cooking foods like pasta or mashed potatoes. The partition is used to separate different foods in the container to prevent food from squeezing each other.
  • 🍇 Food Grade Safety Material – The vegetable container is made of high quality and environmental-friendly Approved materials which are BPA free. The durable high-quality cover is both scratch and corrosion resistant and does not odorless. They are also made from a transparent material that allows one to know the items stored in different containers without the need of labeling. ⚠️NOTE: Cannot be used in dishwasher.

Why choose Luxear Fresh Containers?

LUXEAR vegetable and fruit fresh-keeping containers uses a unique design to help vegetables and fruits stay fresh for up to two weeks longer in the refrigerator. These containers are also great for to-go travel, picnic and kitchen multi-function storage containers. Don’t miss out on the perfect vegetables and refrigerator storage containers, especially for the salad junkies!

Long Fresh Technology

Longer-lasting produce means less food waste. There are two fresh vent regulators on the lid of the Luxear storage containers that let the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide through, helping food stay fresh longer.

Closing the vent valve on the lid is more suitable for storing vegetables, reducing the oxygen in the box and inhibiting the breathing of vegetables, which is more conducive to keep the vegetables fresh.

Opening the vent valve on the lid is more suitable for storing fruits, and keeping the box dry and ventilated is more conducive to keep the fruit fresh.

Foldable & Removable Partition

Each container is equipped with a partition that can be folded. You can open or fold the partition according to the size of the fruit you need to store to set different partition mode(divided or layered) and also can remove it.

The Steamy Kitchen Luxear Fresh Containers Review: 

I love these Luxear Fresh Containers! They’ve made such a huge difference in how I’ve been storing my fruits and vegetables. I like the foldable and removable inserts the best so that I can organize my produce in one container. I put strawberries in one side, and blueberries in the other, but I love that the insert is removable if I want to use the entire container for one item!

I love the clean look of the containers as well and how they bring a fresh and organized feel to my fridge! It is also easy to take produce out of the plastic packaging, wash it in the inserted colander of the container and then store! This makes cleaning and storing my produce super easy and it is ready to use for the week! My produce also kept perfectly all week while stored. 

I highly recommend the Luxear Fresh Containers for your fridge detox, storage and organization! 

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