Steamy Kitchen is celebrating our 16 year anniversary– wow thats a long time! In celebration of the last 16 years of fun giveaways and tasty asian recipes we are giving away a $250 CASH prize to one lucky winner!

Wow! Can you believe that Jaden has been producing delicious recipes and giving away amazing prizes on Steamy Kitchen for 16 years now? What have been some of your favorite recipes and giveaways these past years?

Celebrating 16 years of Steamy Kitchen this whole week! So, here are 16 facts you might not know about Jaden!

  1.  My very favorite food is my Mom’s fried rice with Chinese sausage and crab ( in bio!) ⁣
  2. I can cook Italian food better than Chinese food! My favorite thing to make is pasta from scratch.
  3. I have difficulty reading long blocks of text…sometimes I buy books not to read them, but just to look at the photos, feel the pages and admire the work that went into each page! ⁣
  4. The most impactful book that I read is The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks ⁣
  5. I’m a horrible driver! ⁣
  6. My favorite colors are happy, sunshine yellow and soft blush pink. ⁣
  7. My favorite app is Insight Timer, I use their guided meditations for falling asleep. ⁣
  8. I am trying really hard to like yoga….but it’s boring and every time the instructor tells people to close their eyes and be silent, I sneak one eye open and peek around! ⁣
  9. I love doing live TV cooking segments the best…I feel most like myself and it’s not rehearsed or scripted. ⁣
  10. When I sleep, I build a pillow fort around me, so I feel snuggly and safe! ⁣
  11. I’m an ambivert – I’m great 1:1 and I can speak in front of 5,000 people or do live TV in front of millions….but I’m super duper shy around small gatherings and dinner parties. ⁣
  12. I still add/subtract with my fingers and toes. I’m bad at math-ing! ⁣
  13. My most useless talent: I have weirdly strong toes. Don’t get into a toe-wrestling match with me.
  14. I love my coffee black…no sugar no cream! I use my aero press to make the best tasting, smooth Americano
  15. One of my goals by end of month- being able to do a one-handed push-up!
  16. My BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) is to have 10,000 people join our next Refrigerator Detox Challenge

In celebration of Steamy Kitchen’s 16 year anniversary, we are giving away a $250 CASH prize for you to buy anything that you want. May it be new kitchen appliances, fridge organization supplies, or yummy food to stock up your fridge with. 

Good luck! Happy 16 Year Anniversary! 

Steamy Kitchen Anniversary $250 CASH Giveaway

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